Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Postdoctoral Fellowship (Short-Term)

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Dynamic growth of Epidermal growth factor receptor clusters by super-resolution microscopy of live human carcinoma cells

Having developed the project and applied, I was successfully awarded six months of JSPS research time worth over £18000.

At OIST I worked in the renowned group of Prof. Akihiro Kusumi in the fundamental biophysics of precancer. We developed a quantitative platform for single molecule tracking in CHO-K1 cells for study of ErbB receptor dynamics and function, and for the first time directly visualised transient dimers of EGF-EGFR-HER2. This project describes a minimal in vivo system ideal for quantitative study of the development of heterocomplexes and activated clusters. It is an invaluable step in disentangling the networks governing receptor activation and precancerous pathology in general.
Short titlePostdoctoral Fellowship
Effective start/end date23/03/1923/06/19