'Let There Be Light' Pickering Parish Church HLF project

  • Giles, Kate (Principal investigator)
  • Curteis, Tobit (Researcher)

Project: Other projectResearch collaboration

Project Details


A external engagement project with Pickering parish church PCC, seeking to better understand, conserve and interpret a scheme of medieval and Victorian wall paintings to the public. The project will generate heritage, economic and community benefit and is the outcome of a longstanding informal collaboration between the University of York and Pickering parish church.
A Heritage Lottery Funding application is in preparation (Summer 2016).
The project has potential to be a REF impact case study.

Layman's description

This project is a collaboration with the community of Pickering (NorthYorkshire). It will generate a better understanding of the church's nationally-significant scheme of medieval wall paintings, and ensure that they are better preserved, presented and interpreted for the future. The project is at the heart of a scheme which seeks to create a more sustainable future for the church, bringing economic benefits to the local and regional economy.

Key findings

New discoveries about the original scheme of wall paintings and Victorian restoration
New understanding of conservation methods
Short titleLet There Be Light
Effective start/end date29/02/16 → …


  • DAW Central Europe
  • wall paintings
  • medieval
  • restoration