Mentorship in research to empower PGR students from underrepresented groups

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Aiming to diversify PhD studies in music technology, we proposed to provide UK-based BAME graduates with a guided professional research experience that would enable them to thrive during their studies and career. Based on co-creation of knowledge principles, the purpose of our mentorship was to empower new and potential PGR students from underrepresented groups to overcome obstacles such as experiences of racial microaggressions (Sue et al., 2010), administrative issues due to systemic racism, and a lack of exposure to research practices in the community they were raised in. These objectives are particularly sensitive in music technology, an area of study and practice that is extremely white- and male-dominated, and that has historically valued technical and empirical research skills more than critical thinking, artistic, and communication skills.
Effective start/end date1/03/2331/07/23