Optimised, scaled-up production of exosomes from mesenchymal stem cells through outsourced process development

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Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) release exosomes, which are tiny packets of biological factors that can instruct cells to repair damaged tissue or fight infection. There is huge interest in using exosomes to treat disease. However, as for other medicines, this requires a scaled-up production process using defined conditions to ensure quality control and eradicate batch-to-batch variation. In previous work, we engineered MSCs that live forever to produce exosomes continuously. We have developed a defined nutrient mix, without contaminating animal products, which supports the growth of these MSCs. We have shown in a pilot study that these techniques work in a clinical-grade bioreactor to produce enough exosomes to treat a patient. By working with the Centre for Process Innovation, experts in large-scale process development, our aim here is to define the conditions that will optimise exosome production from MSCs for manufacturing-level scale-up, enough exosomes to treat many hospitals full of patients.
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