Our Council in the North: place-making, creativity and research at The King's Manor, York

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Project Details


'Our Council in the North' explores how scholarly research, local knowledge and cutting-edge digital technologies can be shared, shaped and transformed through public engagement and creative responses to understand how the King's Manor (a former monastic Abbot's lodging) was converted into one of the most important early modern political centres in the north of England, open up access to its hidden heritage through the creation of a series of virtual 360 panoramas, and discuss its role within the city's proposed 'Cultural Quarter'. The project will facilitate cultural and physical access to the sites of past civic and Royal governance, enhance current concepts of citizenship, pride and place-making and inform future proposals for York's cultural quarter, responding directly to the City of York Council's vision for 'York's Creative Future', the Faculty of Arts and Humanities Place & Community initiative and broader university strategies for partnership and public good.

Layman's description

A project exploring the history, heritage and future of the King's Manor - the former headquarters of the King's Council in the Northern Parts, with national academics and local stakeholders

Key findings

National significance of the King's Manor as a unique site of governance
Potential of archive generated by Professor Norton in the 1980s to inform current thinking about the Council, construction of Royal power and access to justice in the north during the 16th and 17th centuries
Future vision amongst local stakeholders for collaboration and opening up of access to the site
Short titleOur Council in the North
Effective start/end date21/01/2231/07/22