Resilient Aerial Platform Communications

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Project Details

Layman's description

This project will practically develop and test critical components of a sustainable and resilient aerial platform based wireless communications architecture that has been developed in outline for an ODA country context. The test system, comprising York’s low altitude aerial platform testbed, wireless infrastructure based on Universal Software
Radio Peripherals (USRP) will be powered by a solar capture and storage system, supporting low-cost user terminals again powered by renewables. The project will deepen a strong link with Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) in Nigeria, who will provide specific context information and work with local stakeholders.

Key findings

This project has funded research work at both York and OAU, and a joint workshop at York to consolidate the link with the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering at OAU.
A USRP is purchased for OAU to allow the researchers to carry out interference measurements at FM bands in Nigeria.
At York the multi-element antenna array testbed developed by the RPF Advanced Beamforming Testbed project has been modified to fit in the Helikite payload. A proof-of-concept trial has been carried out on 26 March 2018 to test the antenna array on the Helikite. The 9kg payload has been successfully lifted to 60 meter altitude, and the data link between the payload and ground is carried by a light weight fibre. Angle of arrival detection application has been tested during the trial, and the antenna array has successfully detected the transmitting direction of a moving signal source (another USRP) on the ground. A remotely controlled vehicle has been developed and tested to carry the moving signal source on the ground.
Effective start/end date1/10/1731/03/18