RPF 11/12 Toward a 'York School' of social science:Consolidating Social Research on the City of York

Project: Research project (funded)Internal pump-priming

Project Details


The aim is to produce a searchable archive which will act as an important public resource and draw attention to the city’s importance in the development of international social and urban research.

Layman's description

The inter-departmental project drew together researchers from the University’s Centre for Urban Research, the Social Policy Research Unit and the Centre for Housing Policy. The team gathered university-based and other social science studies that have been carried out on the city between 1900 to date. The aim of the work was to catalogue influential and forgotten work on the city to help emphasise the strong relevance of social sciences to the future life and planning of the city.

Key findings

A full bibliography of the result of extensive searches has been produced and is available online.
Effective start/end date7/12/117/12/11


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