RPF 2014/15: Visit of Professor Christine Dimroth

Project: Research project (funded)Internal pump-priming

Project Details


During the visit we laid the foundations of a network that combines research on Psycholinguistics and Conversation Analysis (Language in Use: Psycholinguistics and Interactionist Explorations) with the objective of applying for large European research and network grants. The group of visitors included leading expert in Psycholinguistics and Second Language Acquisition Prof Christine Dimroth, as well as her colleagues Sarah Schimke and Katharina König from the University of Muenster, and Marianne Starren, Radboud University and Rosemary Tracy, University of Mannheim.
Internal participants were Leah Roberts, Fatma Said and Beatrice Szczepek Reed.

Key findings

The three days were spent identifying overlaps in research interests, planning a regular exchange of PhD students and postdoctoral researchers, and identifying specific areas for bid writing. During the second half of the visit the group broke up into three sub-groups which began drafting applications for research funding.

The visit resulted in an application to Leverhulme on 30/11/2015 by Beatrice Szczepek Reed and L:eah Roberts, ' Contrast - focus - repair: A combined approach to language learning and use' (£159,762) that successfully reached Stage 2 of the review process but was unsuccessful at the final stage.
Effective start/end date1/08/1431/07/15