RPF 2016/17: In Search of Anglian York: City of Diverse Peoples

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Eoforwic, or Anglian York (ca. 450-866) was the first bishopric of the North and a capital of Deira and Northumbria, yet its traces are scarcely visible in the modern city. The exceptional sources for the Anglian city include artefacts, skeletal remains, and a long poem by Alcuin of York celebrating York as a thriving centre of trade and learning, with ‘diverse peoples.’ Yet the material evidence for this phase has not been fully surveyed or exploited. This project will shed new light on the city’s population and culture by surveying the artefacts, grey literature, and skeletal remains and then applying both established and new archaeological forensic techniques.
Amount awarded £13,086
Short titleAnglian York
Effective start/end date1/08/1631/07/17