Sanctions and Russian firm responses

  • Duong, Kiet (Co-investigator)
  • Huynh, Luu Duc Toan (Principal investigator)
  • Nguyen, Pham Minh Quan (Co-investigator)

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This research probes into the less explored economic implications of sanctions on Russian firms, focusing on their strategic responses. The study is driven by questions such as "Do sanctions against Russia work?", "How do Russian firms respond to foreign sanctions?", and "How do they reallocate resources under sanctions?" Amidst intensified sanctions post the 2014 Crimea incident and the 2022 Ukraine invasion, Russian firms may demonstrate strategic resilience and adaptation. Studies suggest that these firms could potentially benefit from governmental protection while sanctions might inadvertently burden the imposing countries. This research intends to delve deeper into these dynamics, providing a nuanced understanding of how Russian firms navigate and adapt to the challenging landscape shaped by sanctions, with a particular emphasis on their resilience and resource reallocation strategies.

Key findings

British Academy Leverhulme Small Grant
Effective start/end date1/09/231/09/25