Taking sleep research out of the laboratory

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Sleep research is focused on in-lab polysomnography, which can gain high quality data but is labour intensive and expensive. This severely restricts the type and scale of experiments that we can run, and has led to an underpowered research base. I wish to pilot a new type of experiment based on multiple consumer sleep trackers. These will be compared to the gold standard to determine the extent to which different stages of sleep can be identified by single sleep trackers and a by a combined analysis of multiple trackers. Published data already show the promise of single trackers, but the potential benefit of combining data from multiple sources is unknown. Analyses of these data will form the basis of a journal article. The broader goal is to develop a large grant application that will assess the relationship between sleep and memory in a radically new way and on a much larger scale, assessing sleep in the home longitudinally over weeks and months rather than single nights.
Effective start/end date20/01/2231/12/22