The Complete Works of Sir Thomas Browne

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The AHRC have awarded a grant of c. £946,000 to bring to completion a new 8 volume Oxford University Press edition of The Works of Sir Thomas Browne. The grant, which runs for 5 years, is a collaboration between Universities of London, Queen Mary (Claire Preston, PI), York (Kevin Killeen) and Cambridge (Andrew Zurcher). The edition, under the general editorship of Claire Preston, will include authoritative editions of all Browne’s published works together with his correspondence and his voluminous notebooks. Critically and textually annotated, the edition will be available in print and in electronic formats. The grant includes provision for two postdoctoral research assistants and two Ph.D. studentships. This international collaboration involves a team of scholars, working on Thomas Browne. The editors are Reid Barbour (North Carolina), Brooke Conti (SUNY Brockport), Anne Dunan-Page (Aix), Felicity Henderson (Royal Society), Kevin Killeen (York), Antonia Moon (British Library), Kathryn Murphy (Oxford), Claire Preston (Cambridge), William West (Northwestern), Jessica Wolfe (North Carolina), and Andrew Zurcher (Cambridge).
Effective start/end date1/02/1331/01/18


  • AHRC: £96,264.00