The Umbrella Consortium – bringing together the global leaders in research into infection in children with cancer

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The Umbrella Consortium is the global group of key opinion leaders and researchers in infection in children with cancer. The annual group meeting provides a space for discussing current research projects and planning future bids, bringing together the top researchers in this field internationally. The collaborations formed through the group have already had world-wide impact. Our team, based at the Centre for Reviews and Dissemination, have been invited to host the 2020 Umbrella Consortium meeting in York. This is clearly an incredible opportunity to widen the team's impact, further develop our international collaborations and bring world-leading research into the University of York. It provides an opportunity to introduce some innovative methodological and related studies in research with children which is underway at the University to this group, to further the impact of our work. We will hold a two-day meeting of between 12 and 20 experts in April 2020. Costs for the meeting provide 1-2 nights accommodation per participant, University of York conference fees, an evening networking event, and support for travel for early career researchers and researchers from low and middle income countries. The meeting will focus on establishing a clear agreement of the Umbrella Consortium’s mission and vision, defining research priorities in the area of infection in children with cancer, and identifying at least two research projects for further development within the Umbrella Consortium.
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