URP 2021-22 (Strategic Capital): MusicAI Lab

Project: Research project (funded)Capital equipment

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Amount awarded: £52,860

Layman's description

Artificial intelligence (AI) in music is an emerging research field that is yielding surprising developments in areas such as automatic music generation and transcription, music information retrieval, and human-computer interaction. At the Music, Science and Technology Research Cluster, researchers are working in this field, leading to promising results. However, deep learning methods require very large datasets of musical representations and to this date, there are only a few existing ones, varying in quality and limited in the types of data they represent. New datasets are needed that can incorporate multiple data types to represent the richness of musical experience. Through the establishment of the MusicAI Lab, dedicated specialist equipment will be used to capture musical performances and symbolic representations to create new, appropriately rich, datasets that will propel forward research in the field. The lab will also foster cross-departmental collaborations and partnerships outside academia.
Effective start/end date13/09/2131/07/22