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The Open Acoustic Impulse Response Library - and online database of acoustic measurements, anechoic recordings and associated data.

Layman's description

The aim of this project was to produce a sustainable online resource for research in virtual acoustics, consisting of a database of acoustic impulse responses for important architectural and archaeological sites across the UK (and further afield), and to include results obtained from computer models also. This is supported with an appropriate software infrastructure to enable third parties to conduct their own acoustic surveys, upload the impulse responses obtained and audition the final results using specially recorded anechoic audio material that will also be made available as part of this resource.

Key findings

The aim of the project was to source all of our research data and make it accessible via a single, online database. This has been the case. All spaces surveyed up to and including the project are now online and more are added as and when they are completed making this a live resource. Software for Pure Data is available for download to enable convolution using these impulse responses, a walkthrough auralisation video has also been prepared to demonstrate the potential of this work. The site has a publicly accessible side, to encourage exploration and audition of the surveyed sites, and becoming a registered user allows access to specific data sets and also allows user upload. As of 2011 the site has had over 4000 hits from more than 70 countries and the data has been incorporated in two major third party commercial releases under a Creative Commons License.

All additional results and information has been made available via the project website:
Effective start/end date1/03/1010/06/11


  • AHRC: £109,608.00