XR Stories Pilot: Developing Production Methods and Visual Grammars for Combining Live-Action and Computer-Generated Imagery for Narrative Cinematic Virtual Reality Films

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This XR Stories pilot project explores how feature film production and postproduction methods can be adapted to create compelling Cinematic Virtual Reality (CVR, aka 360° film) fiction programmes. Working from a script excerpt from the forthcoming feature film 'At Home', Director Kit Monkman, Producer Thomas Mattinson, Visual Effects company Viridian FX and Virtual Reality experts Retinize will be joining talents to undertake systematic testing of film techniques within the CVR medium, leading to the creation of a short cutting-edge CVR film promo utilising live actors shot on location as well as on a green screen set to be composited with state-of-the art computer graphics. Through this R&D all participants will gain a greater understanding of the relationship between existing film production and postproduction grammars and CVR, and how to create compelling and technically sophisticated CVR programmes. The companies will gain new skills that will enable them to expand their commercial offerings and help them to lead innovation in this emerging new medium.
Short titleAt Home
Effective start/end date15/07/1915/11/19