A (very short) introduction to buildings

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These lectures are an informal elementary introduction to buildings. They are written for, and by, a non-expert. The aim is to get to the definition of a building and feel that it is an entirely natural thing. To maintain the lecture style examples have replaced proofs. The notes at the end indicate where these proofs can be found.

The lectures are a distillation of the first few chapters of the books of Abramenko and Brown and of Ronan. Lecture 1 illustrates all the features of a building in the context of an example, but without mentioning any building terminology. In principle anyone could read this. Lectures 2-4 firm-up and generalize these specifics: Coxeter groups appear in Lecture 2, chambers systems in Lecture 3 and the definition of a building in Lecture 4. Lecture 5 addresses where buildings come from by describing the first important example: the spherical building of an algebraic group.
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JournalExpositiones Mathematicae
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  • Coxeter group
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