An introduction to the FLEX computer system

J M Foster, C I Moir, I F Currie, J A McDermid, P W Edwards, J D Morison, C H Pygott

Research output: Working paper


This report describes the background to the development of the FLEX system, which is a novel, high performance, multicomputer system being built at RSRE. FLEX has an instruction set which is oriented towards compiler generation of code, and which aids in security and parallel processing. The peripherals are controlled by a subsidiary computer. The intercomputer communication is provided by a packet switching network which is fast enough to allow sharing of peripherals and backing store. This report gives a high level description of the FLEX processor and memory, the peripheral control subsystem and COMFLEX, the communications subsystem, and provides an overview of the processor architecture at the macrocode level. It describes the operating system and user program facilities provided on the machine. It concludes by summarizing the current state of the development of the FLEX computer system, and indicating the intended short term developments of the system
Original languageEnglish
PublisherDefense Technical Information Center
Number of pages22
VolumeIssue 79016
Publication statusPublished - 1979

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