Charged-particle decays of highly excited states in 19F

P. Adsley, F. Hammache, N. de Séréville, M. Assié, D. Beaumel, M. Chabot, M. Degerlier, C. Delafosse, F. Flavigny, A. Georgiadou, J. Guillot, V. Guimarães, A. Gottardo, I. Matea, L. Olivier, L. Perrot, I. Stefan, A. Laird, S. P. Fox, R. GargS. Gillespie, J. Riley, J. Kiener, A. Lefebvre-Schuhl, V. Tatischeff, I. Sivacek

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contribution


Neutron-capture reactions on 18F in the helium-burning shell play an important role in the production of 15N during core-collapse supernovae. The competition between the 18F(n,p/αn,p/α)18O/15N reactions controls the amount of 15N produced. The strengths of these reactions depend on the decay branching ratios of states in 19F above the neutron threshold. We report on an experiment investigating the decay branching ratios of these states in order to better constrain the strengths of the reactions.
Original languageUndefined/Unknown
Title of host publicationNuclei in the cosmos XV
EditorsAlba Formicola, Matthias Junker, Lucio Gialanella, Gianluca Imbriani
ISBN (Electronic)978-3-030-13876-9
ISBN (Print) 978-3-030-13875-2
Publication statusPublished - 20 Aug 2019
EventNuclei in the Cosmos - L'Aquila, Italy
Duration: 24 Jun 201829 Jun 2018
Conference number: XV

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NameSpringer Proceedings in Physics
ISSN (Print)0930-8989
ISSN (Electronic)1867-4941


ConferenceNuclei in the Cosmos

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Submitted as part of the Proceedings of NIC 2018


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