Citizenship education

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In this chapter I aim to:
• Explore the meaning of citizenship by discussing key concepts;
• Discuss recent developments in policy and practice relevant to citizenship education;
• Inform the above with reference to classic and recent theoretical and empirical research.
Following a brief introduction there will be 3 main sections to this chapter. In the first (and longest) part of the chapter I will discuss the definitions and characterizations that have been – and are being – used by those who are involved in debates about citizenship education. I will refer to the trends and issues that affect citizenship education today. In the next main section I will briefly explore what I think will be important in citizenship education in the future. I will provide some summary comments and, additionally, at the end of the chapter there will be some questions for the reader to consider, some recommended reading and a list of the references that have been used. By the end of the chapter I hope that readers will be familiar with the key issues about - and be better able to contribute actively to - debates and the practice of citizenship education.
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