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Competition between Allowed and First-Forbidden $beta$ Decay: The Case of $^208Hgrightarrow^208Tl$

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Competition between Allowed and First-Forbidden $beta$ Decay: The Case of $^208Hgrightarrow^208Tl$. / Carroll, R. J.; Podolyák, Zs.; Berry, T.; Grawe, H.; Alexander, T.; Andreyev, A. N.; Ansari, S.; Borge, M. J. G.; Brunet, M.; Creswell, J. R.; Fraile, L. M.; Fahlander, C.; Fynbo, H. O. U.; Gamba, E. R.; Gelletly, W.; Gerst, R.-B.; Górska, M.; Gredley, A.; Greenlees, P. T.; Harkness-Brennan, L. J.; Huyse, M.; Judge, S. M.; Judson, D. S.; Konki, J.; Kurcewicz, J.; Kuti, I.; Lalkovski, S.; Lazarus, I. H.; Licifmmode ăelse ă, R.; Lund, M.; Madurga, M.; Marginean, N.; Marginean, R.; Marroquin, I.; Mihai, C.; Mihai, R. E.; Nácher, E.; Negret, A.; Nita, C.; Pascu, S.; Page, R. D.; Patel, Z.; Perea, A.; Phrompao, J.; Piersa, M.; Pucknell, V.; Rahkila, P.; Rapisarda, E.; Regan, P. H.; Rotaru, F.; Rudigier, M.; Shand, C. M.; Shearman, R.; Stegemann, S.; Stora, T.; Sotty, Ch.; Tengblad, O.; Van Duppen, P.; Vedia, V.; Wadsworth, R.; Walker, P. M.; Warr, N.; Wearing, F.; De Witte, H.

In: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 125, 192501, 06.11.2020.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


Carroll, RJ, Podolyák, Z, Berry, T, Grawe, H, Alexander, T, Andreyev, AN, Ansari, S, Borge, MJG, Brunet, M, Creswell, JR, Fraile, LM, Fahlander, C, Fynbo, HOU, Gamba, ER, Gelletly, W, Gerst, R-B, Górska, M, Gredley, A, Greenlees, PT, Harkness-Brennan, LJ, Huyse, M, Judge, SM, Judson, DS, Konki, J, Kurcewicz, J, Kuti, I, Lalkovski, S, Lazarus, IH, Licifmmode ăelse ă, R, Lund, M, Madurga, M, Marginean, N, Marginean, R, Marroquin, I, Mihai, C, Mihai, RE, Nácher, E, Negret, A, Nita, C, Pascu, S, Page, RD, Patel, Z, Perea, A, Phrompao, J, Piersa, M, Pucknell, V, Rahkila, P, Rapisarda, E, Regan, PH, Rotaru, F, Rudigier, M, Shand, CM, Shearman, R, Stegemann, S, Stora, T, Sotty, C, Tengblad, O, Van Duppen, P, Vedia, V, Wadsworth, R, Walker, PM, Warr, N, Wearing, F & De Witte, H 2020, 'Competition between Allowed and First-Forbidden $beta$ Decay: The Case of $^208Hgrightarrow^208Tl$', Physical Review Letters, vol. 125, 192501.


Carroll, R. J., Podolyák, Z., Berry, T., Grawe, H., Alexander, T., Andreyev, A. N., Ansari, S., Borge, M. J. G., Brunet, M., Creswell, J. R., Fraile, L. M., Fahlander, C., Fynbo, H. O. U., Gamba, E. R., Gelletly, W., Gerst, R-B., Górska, M., Gredley, A., Greenlees, P. T., ... De Witte, H. (2020). Competition between Allowed and First-Forbidden $beta$ Decay: The Case of $^208Hgrightarrow^208Tl$. Physical Review Letters, 125, [192501].


Carroll RJ, Podolyák Z, Berry T, Grawe H, Alexander T, Andreyev AN et al. Competition between Allowed and First-Forbidden $beta$ Decay: The Case of $^208Hgrightarrow^208Tl$. Physical Review Letters. 2020 Nov 6;125. 192501.


Carroll, R. J. ; Podolyák, Zs. ; Berry, T. ; Grawe, H. ; Alexander, T. ; Andreyev, A. N. ; Ansari, S. ; Borge, M. J. G. ; Brunet, M. ; Creswell, J. R. ; Fraile, L. M. ; Fahlander, C. ; Fynbo, H. O. U. ; Gamba, E. R. ; Gelletly, W. ; Gerst, R.-B. ; Górska, M. ; Gredley, A. ; Greenlees, P. T. ; Harkness-Brennan, L. J. ; Huyse, M. ; Judge, S. M. ; Judson, D. S. ; Konki, J. ; Kurcewicz, J. ; Kuti, I. ; Lalkovski, S. ; Lazarus, I. H. ; Licifmmode ăelse ă, R. ; Lund, M. ; Madurga, M. ; Marginean, N. ; Marginean, R. ; Marroquin, I. ; Mihai, C. ; Mihai, R. E. ; Nácher, E. ; Negret, A. ; Nita, C. ; Pascu, S. ; Page, R. D. ; Patel, Z. ; Perea, A. ; Phrompao, J. ; Piersa, M. ; Pucknell, V. ; Rahkila, P. ; Rapisarda, E. ; Regan, P. H. ; Rotaru, F. ; Rudigier, M. ; Shand, C. M. ; Shearman, R. ; Stegemann, S. ; Stora, T. ; Sotty, Ch. ; Tengblad, O. ; Van Duppen, P. ; Vedia, V. ; Wadsworth, R. ; Walker, P. M. ; Warr, N. ; Wearing, F. ; De Witte, H. / Competition between Allowed and First-Forbidden $beta$ Decay: The Case of $^208Hgrightarrow^208Tl$. In: Physical Review Letters. 2020 ; Vol. 125.

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