Design and Implementation of Novel Fractional-Order Controllers for Stabilized Platforms

Jie Zhang, Zhaopeng Jin, Yanzhi Zhao, Yingan Tang, Fucai Liu, Pengcheng Liu

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As a servo system to isolate disturbance or track trajectory, stabilized platform requires high-quality control. However, conventional PID control fails to meet that requirement.In this paper, a new controller design scheme is proposed for stabilized platform based on fractional calculus. The designed controller is called fractional-order PID (FOPID) controller, which has two extra parameters compared to conventional PID controller. On one hand, it enables people have more degrees of freedom to design FOPID controller, on the other hand, its differential order and integral order provides more flexibility to tune
the controller performance. Therefore, a design method of FOPID controller based on dynamic software modeling is presented. To obtain the idea controller’s parameters, the particle swarm optimization (PSO) bionic algorithm is used to optimize an objective function.In addition, software simulation platform and hardware experiment platform are built to design and test the FOPID controller. Finally, simulations and experimental results are included to show the effectiveness of the new control method.
Original languageEnglish
JournalIEEE Access
Publication statusAccepted/In press - 6 May 2020

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  • Robotics
  • Control systems

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