Detailed spectroscopy of doubly magic Sn 132

J. Benito, L. M. Fraile, A. Korgul, M. Piersa, E. Adamska, A. N. Andreyev, R. Álvarez-Rodríguez, A. E. Barzakh, G. Benzoni, T. Berry, M. J.G. Borge, M. Carmona, K. Chrysalidis, C. Costache, J. G. Cubiss, T. Day Goodacre, H. De Witte, D. V. Fedorov, V. N. Fedosseev, G. Fernández-MartínezA. Fijałkowska, M. Fila, H. Fynbo, D. Galaviz, P. Galve, M. García-Díez, P. T. Greenlees, R. Grzywacz, L. J. Harkness-Brennan, C. Henrich, M. Huyse, P. Ibáñez, A. Illana, Z. Janas, J. Jolie, D. S. Judson, V. Karayonchev, M. Kicińska-Habior, J. Konki, J. Kurcewicz, I. Lazarus, R. Licǎ, A. López-Montes, M. Lund, H. Mach, M. Madurga, I. Marroquín, B. Marsh, M. C. Martínez, C. Mazzocchi, N. Mǎrginean, R. Mǎrginean, K. Miernik, C. Mihai, R. E. Mihai, E. Nácher, A. Negret, B. Olaizola, R. D. Page, S. V. Paulauskas, S. Pascu, A. Perea, V. Pucknell, P. Rahkila, C. Raison, E. Rapisarda, J. M. Régis, K. Rezynkina, F. Rotaru, S. Rothe, D. Sánchez-Parcerisa, V. Sánchez-Tembleque, K. Schomacker, G. S. Simpson, Ch Sotty, L. Stan, M. Stǎnoiu, M. Stryjczyk, O. Tengblad, A. Turturica, J. M. Udías, P. Van Duppen, V. Vedia, A. Villa-Abaunza, S. Viñals, W. B. Walters, R. Wadsworth, N. Warr

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


The structure of the doubly magic Sn8250132 has been investigated at the ISOLDE facility at CERN, populated both by the β-decay of In132 and β - delayed neutron emission of In133. The level scheme of Sn132 is greatly expanded with the addition of 68 γ transitions and 17 levels observed for the first time in the β decay. The information on the excited structure is completed by new γ transitions and states populated in the β-n decay of In133. Improved delayed neutron emission probabilities are obtained both for In132 and In133. Level lifetimes are measured via the advanced time-delayed βγγ(t) fast-timing method. An interpretation of the level structure is given based on the experimental findings and the particle-hole configurations arising from core excitations both from the N = 82 and Z = 50 shells, leading to positive- and negative-parity particle-hole multiplets. The experimental information provides new data to challenge the theoretical description of Sn132.

Original languageEnglish
Article number014328
JournalPhysical Review C
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 29 Jul 2020

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