EVAN (European Virtual Anthropology Network) toolbox

Roger Phillips, Paul O'Higgins, Fred Bookstein, Bill Green (Editor), Helgi Gunnarson (Editor), Youssef Shady (Editor), Vincent Dalge (Editor), Ramy Gowigati (Editor), Oualid Ben Ali (Editor)

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EVAN (the European Virtual Anthropology Network) was a EU-funded project (FP6 Marie Curie Actions MRTN-CT-2005-019564, 2006-2009) with the goal to train and educate a new generation of young researchers in Virtual Anthropology (VA).

EVAN also built two lines of VA infrastructure: A software toolbox to facilitate form and shape analysis of biological objects (EVAN Toolbox - ET), and an archive to provide 3D volume and surface data of such objects (EVAN Archive). the focus of these is the hominin fossil record.

O'Higgins was a member of the three person team that conceived, led on and directed the development of the EVAN toolbox by a team of programmers. This is an embodiment of the state of the art in methods to measure and statistically analyses the shapes of complex structures such as the skull. This work rests on methods from the field of Geometric Morphometrics, and built on previous software developments by O'Higgins (morphologika - https://sites.google.com/site/hymsfme/downloadmorphologica). The open source code from the end of the project is available at http://evan-society.org/node/42. The manuals describing the toolbox are also downloadable from there.

Since the end of Marie Curie funding funding, O'Higgins continues to work on the development of the toolbox under the auspices of the EVAN-Society. This is a non-profit organisation founded by EVAN members to further promote the goals of Virtual Anthropology in Europe and worldwide. Its main goals are to maintain and build up further relations between institutions working in Virtual Anthropology, to continue developing the EVAN Toolbox and Archive, and to provide access to these European infrastructural measures and related information and documentation. See http://evan-society.org/node/2

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The copyright of the EVAN Toolbox belongs to the University of Hull and the University of York.
The copyright of the GMM Library belongs to the University of Hull and the University of York.
The copyright of the Edgewarp Library belongs to William D K Green and the University of Vienna.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherEuropean Virtual Anthropology Network - EVAN (www.evan.at) and the EVAN-Society.
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2010

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  • software, geometric morphometrics, virtual anthropology

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