Exclusive $π^{-}$ Electroproduction off the Neutron in Deuterium in the Resonance Region

(CLAS Collaboration)

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New results for the exclusive and quasi-free cross sections off neutrons bound in deuterium ${\gamma}_vn(p) \rightarrow p{\pi}^{-} (p)$ are presented over a wide final state hadron angle range with a kinematic coverage of the invariant mass ($W$) up to 1.825 GeV and the virtual photon four-momentum transfer squared ($Q^{2}$) from 0.4 to 1.0 GeV$^2$. The exclusive structure functions have been extracted and their Legendre moments were obtained. Final-state-interaction contributions have been kinematically separated from the extracted quasi-free cross sections off bound neutrons solely based on the analysis of the experimental data. These new results will serve as long-awaited input for phenomenological analyses to extract the $Q^{2}$ evolution of previously unavailable $n \to N^{*}$ electroexcitation amplitudes and to improve state-of-the-art models of neutrino scattering off nuclei by augmenting the already available results from free protons.
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Publication statusPublished - 31 Mar 2022

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