First measurement of polarisation transfer $C^n_{x'}$ in deuteron photodisintegration and the signatures of the $d^*(2380)$ hexaquark

A2 Collaboration

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A first measurement of the polarisation transfer from a circularly-polarised photon to the final state neutron ($C^n_{x'}$) in deuterium photodisintegration has been carried out. This quantity is determined over the photon energy range 370~--~700~MeV and for neutron centre-of-mass breakup angles $\sim45-120^{\circ}$. An ancillary large-acceptance nucleon polarimeter, surrounding a cryogenic liquid deuterium target within the Crystal Ball detector at MAMI, characterised $(n,p)$ charge exchange of the ejected neutrons to determine their polarisation. The correlation of the new $C^n_{x'}$ data is consistent with previous measurements of the induced polarisation, $P^n_y$, through Argand-type plots of $C^n_{x'}-P^n_y$ are consistent with a resonant phase motion in the region of the $d^*(2380)$ hexaquark.
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Publication statusPublished - 24 Jun 2022


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