First observation of a shape isomer and a low-lying strongly-coupled prolate band in neutron-deficient semi-magic 187Pb

W.Q. Zhang, A.N. Andreyev, Z. Liu, D. Seweryniak, H. Huang, Z.H. Li, J.G. Li, C.Y. Guo, D.T. Doherty, A.E. Barzakh, P. Van Duppen, J.G. Cubiss, B. Andel, S. Antalic, M. Block, A. Bronis, M.P. Carpenter, P. Copp, B. Ding, Z. FavierF. Giacoppo, T.H. Huang, X.H. Yu, B. Kindler, F.G. Kondev, T. Lauritsen, G.S. Li, B. Lommel, H.Y. Lu, M. Al Monthery, P. Mošať, Y.F. Niu, C. Raison, W. Reviol, G. Savard, S. Stolze, G.L. Wilson, H.Y. Wu, Z.H. Wang, F.R. Xu, Q.B. Zeng, X.H. Zhou

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


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