Human Lin28 forms a high-affinity 1:1 complex with the 106~363 cluster miRNA miR-363

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Lin28A is a post-transcriptional regulator of gene expression that interacts with and negatively regulates the biogenesis of let-7 family miRNAs. Recent data suggested that Lin28A also binds the putative tumour suppressor miR-363, a member of the 106~363 cluster of miRNAs. Affinity toward this miRNA and the stoichiometry of the protein-RNA complex are unknown. Characterisation of human Lin28's interaction with RNA has been complicated by difficulties in producing stable RNA-free protein. We have engineered a maltose binding protein fusion with Lin28, which binds let-7 miRNA with a Kd of 54.1 ± 4.2 nM, in agreement with previous data on a murine homologue. We show that human Lin28A binds miR-363 with 1:1 stoichiometry and with similar, if not higher, affinity (Kd = 16.6 ± 1.9 nM). Further analysis suggests that the interaction of the N-terminal cold shock domain of Lin28A with RNA is salt-dependent, supporting a model where the cold shock domain allows the protein to sample RNA substrates through transient electrostatic interactions.

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Publication statusPublished - 25 Aug 2016

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