Irish Literature in Transition, 1830-1880

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Third volume of 6 volume project; edited collection, containing 17 chapters commissioned for this volume, c 130,000 words. I am also the author of the first chapter: 'Victorian Ireland: A Transition State' (8000 words).

Ireland’s experience in the nineteenth century was quite different from that of Victorian Britain. Its fictions were written in differing forms – like the gothic or historical novel – and its poetry and drama were populated with ballad and song. Its writers were by turns nationalist or unionist, anglophile or de-anglicising. If the effects of Famine and emigration were catastrophic for mid-nineteenth-century Irish culture, they initiated a literary story that was scattered across an expanding diaspora. Despite the decline of spoken Irish, its literature continued to be published, while translation and the Ordnance Survey preserved much from the Gaelic past. This rich volume examines many forms of new writing in this period and also considers Irish authors in America or India, women’s writing, and the resilience of Irish literature before the revival. Utilizing a thematic and historical approach, its chapters address a broad anglophone readership in nineteenth-century literature.
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NameIrish Literature in Transition

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