Leveraging the international HTA database for the Canadian audience

Hayley Fitzsimmons, Reiner Banken, Alison Booth

Research output: Contribution to conferencePosterpeer-review


Background: Health technology assessments (HTA) provide an evidence base for health care decisions and decision-makers are looking for assessments produced in the relevant health system’s context. In recognition of the benefits of having a single HTA repository for ease of access, the Pan-Canadian HTA Collaborative Steering Committee established a working group to develop a dedicated Canadian HTA repository. In 2013 the pan-Canadian working group chose a joint solution with the producers of the existing HTA database in order to leverage its functionality, accessibility, international content, and customer base. Funded by the UK NIHR and produced by CRD, the HTA database provides a comprehensive listing of over 14,500 HTAs from around the world. Consolidating Canadian HTA records into the HTA database would provide “one-stop” access to both Canadian and international HTA reports. Objectives:The Pan-Canadian HTA Repository Working Group and NIHR CRD aimed to develop a client administration interface, bulk uploading of records, and a bilingual Canadian user search interface. Methods: A remote data entry facility was developed and tested, using reports from four Canadian HTA agencies. Pilot records were mapped and tagged for automated loading. A bilingual Canadian search interface to the HTA database was designed and tested by the Pan-Canadian HTA Repository Working Group. Results: We have successfully piloted the client administration and automated uploading of Canadian records. The Canadian search interface for the HTA database is being rolled out to healthcare decision makers and HTA producers across Canada. It includes a bilingual search interface, bilingual MeSH subject headings, a “Province” field, and retrieval defaults to Canadian content. Conclusions: The new Canadian search interface for the HTA database encourages and facilitates the use of health technology assessments for evidence-based health care decision making within Canada while promoting collaboration among both Canadian and International HTA producers.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 12 Apr 2015
EventCADTH Symposium - TCU Place, Saskatoon, Canada
Duration: 12 Apr 201514 Apr 2015


ConferenceCADTH Symposium

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