Neutron polarisation transfer, $C_{x'}^n$, in $π^+$ photoproduction off the proton

A2 Collaboration

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We report a first measurement of the double-polarisation observable, $C_{x'}$, in $\pi^+$ photoproduction off the proton. The $C_{x'}$ double-polarisation observable represents the transfer of polarisation from a circularly polarised photon beam to the recoiling neutron. The MAMI circularly polarised photon beam impinged on a liquid deuterium target cell, with reaction products detected in the Crystal Ball calorimeter. Ancillary apparatus surrounding the target provided tracking, particle identification and determination of recoil nucleon polarisation. The $C_{x'}$ observable is determined for photon energies 800-1400 MeV, providing new constraints on models aiming to elucidate the spectrum and properties of nucleon resonances. This is the first determination of any polarisation observable from the beam-recoil group of observables for this reaction, providing a valuable constraint and systematic check of the current solutions of partial wave analysis based theoretical models.
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Publication statusPublished - 17 Nov 2022


  • nucl-ex

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