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New measurement of the 242Pu(n,γ) cross section at n-TOF-EAR1 for MOX fuels: Preliminary results in the RRR

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  • J. Lerendegui-Marco
  • C. Guerrero
  • M. A. Cortés-Giraldo
  • J. M. Quesada
  • E. Mendoza
  • D. Cano-Ott
  • K. Eberhardt
  • A. R. Junghans
  • O. Aberle
  • J. Andrzejewski
  • L. Audouin
  • M. Bacak
  • J. Balibrea-Correa
  • M. Barbagallo
  • F. Bečvář
  • E. Berthoumieux
  • J. Billowes
  • D. Bosnar
  • A. Brown
  • M. Caamaño
  • F. Calviño
  • M. Calviani
  • R. Cardella
  • A. Casanovas
  • F. Cerutti
  • Y. H. Chen
  • E. Chiaveri
  • N. Colonna
  • G. Cortés
  • L. Cosentino
  • L. A. Damone
  • M. Diakaki
  • C. Domingo-Pardo
  • R. Dressler
  • E. Dupont
  • I. Durán
  • B. Fernández-Domínguez
  • A C Ferrari
  • Paulo R. Ferreira
  • P. Finocchiaro
  • K. Göbel
  • M. B. Gómez-Hornillos
  • A. R. García
  • A. Gawlik
  • S Gilardoni
  • T. Glodariu
  • I. F. Gonçalves
  • E. González-Romero
  • E. Griesmayer
  • F. Gunsing
  • H. Harada
  • S. Heinitz
  • J Heyse
  • E. Jericha
  • F. Käppeler
  • Y. Kadi
  • A. Kalamara
  • P. Kavrigin
  • A. Kimura
  • N. Kivel
  • M. Kokkoris
  • M. Krtička
  • D. Kurtulgil
  • E. Leal-Cidoncha
  • C. Lederer
  • H. Leeb
  • S. Lo Meo
  • S. J. Lonsdale
  • D. Macina
  • J. Marganiec
  • T. Martínez
  • A. Masi
  • C. Massimi
  • P. F. Mastinu
  • M. Mastromarco
  • E. A. Maugeri
  • A. Mazzone
  • A. Mengoni
  • P. M. Milazzo
  • F. Mingrone
  • A. Musumarra
  • A. Negret
  • R. Nolte
  • A. Oprea
  • N. Patronis
  • A. Pavlik
  • J. Perkowski
  • I. Porras
  • J. Praena
  • D. Radeck
  • T. Rauscher
  • R. Reifarth
  • P. C. Rout
  • C. Rubbia
  • J. A. Ryan
  • M. Sabaté-Gilarte
  • A K Saxena
  • P. Schillebeeckx
  • D. Schumann
  • A. G. Smith
  • N. V. Sosnin
  • A. Stamatopoulos
  • G. Tagliente
  • J. L. Tain
  • A. Tarifeño-Saldivia
  • L. Tassan-Got
  • S. Valenta
  • G. Vannini
  • V. Variale
  • P. Vaz
  • A. Ventura
  • V. Vlachoudis
  • R Vlastou
  • A. Wallner
  • S Warren
  • P. J. Woods
  • T. Wright
  • P. Ž Ugec


Publication details

Title of host publicationND 2016: International Conference on Nuclear Data for Science and Technology
DatePublished - 13 Sep 2017
PublisherEDP Sciences
Original languageEnglish
ISBN (Electronic)9782759890200


The spent fuel of current nuclear reactors contains fissile plutonium isotopes that can be combined with 238U to make mixed oxide (MOX) fuel. In this way the Pu from spent fuel is used in a new reactor cycle, contributing to the long-term sustainability of nuclear energy. The use of MOX fuels in thermal and fast reactors requires accurate capture and fission cross sections. For the particular case of 242Pu, the previous neutron capture cross section measurements were made in the 70's, providing an uncertainty of about 35% in the keV region. In this context, the Nuclear Energy Agency recommends in its "High Priority Request List" and its report WPEC-26 that the capture cross section of 242Pu should be measured with an accuracy of at least 7-12% in the neutron energy range between 500 eV and 500 keV. This work presents a brief description of the measurement performed at n-TOF-EAR1, the data reduction process and the first ToF capture measurement on this isotope in the last 40 years, providing preliminary individual resonance parameters beyond the current energy limits in the evaluations, as well as a preliminary set of average resonance parameters.

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