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I created this concert-length programme of musical items for Trio Mediaeval, with whom I've been associated for over a decade. This programme of music is for a notional, rather free version of the medieval monastic office of Matins, which consisted of three 'Nocturns'. There is syllabic plainchant (psalmody), florid plainchant set in improvised styles, 13th-century responsory settings and conductus: the major musical genres of that time. My part in the project was, first, to decide on what items could be included and in what order, and then to make editions of the music by interpreting the medieval notation, by adopting some of the methods of improvisation known to medieval musicians of the time, and by realising appropriate texts in an appropriate method of psalmodization.
Original languageUndefined/Unknown
TypeProgramme of medieval music
Media of outputedition, concerts, radio broadcast
PublisherCzech radio
Publication statusPublished - 2014

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