Observed and predicted effects of climate change on species abundance in protected areas

A. Johnston, M. Ausden, A.M. Dodd, R.B. Bradbury, D.E. Chamberlain, F. Jiguet, C.D. Thomas, A.S.C.P. Cook, S.E. Newson, N. Ockendon, M.M. Rehfisch, S. Roos, C.B. Thaxter, A. Brown, H.Q.P. Crick, A. Douse, R.A. McCall, H. Pontier, D.A. Stroud, B. CadiouO. Crowe, B. Deceuninck, M. Hornman, J.W. Pearce-Higgins

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

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