On Ohm's law in reduced plasma fluid models

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Drift-reduced MHD models are widely used to study magnetised plasma phenomena, in particular for magnetically confined fusion applications, as well as in solar and astrophysical research. This letter discusses the choice of Ohm's law in these models, the resulting dispersion relations for the dynamics parallel to the magnetic field, and the implications for numerical simulations. We find that if electron pressure is included in Ohm's law, then both electromagnetic and finite electron mass effects must also be included in order to obtain physical dispersion relations. A simple modification to the plasma vorticity is also found which improves handling of low density regions, of particular relevance to the simulation of the boundary region of magnetised plasmas.
Original languageEnglish
Article number125008
JournalPlasma Physics and Controlled Fusion
Publication statusPublished - 26 Oct 2021

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