Outcomes for disabled service users

J Harris, M Foster, K Jackson, H Morgan

Research output: Other contribution


Social service provision to younger disabled people is rarely at the forefront of policy debate. Often, younger disabled people require support that is more flexible, or of a different type, than that which social services can offer. For example, people may require assistance with making decisions concerning work, both paid and voluntary, or in parenting. The main aim of the study was to see whether these areas of assistance could be incorporated into assessments and reviews. These areas were named 'outcomes', which meant goals that service users wished to achieve. Before the research began, the researchers synthesised findings from previous work with disabled service users into the outcomes framework. This was incorporated into assessment and review practices and used by a multi-disciplinary team of professionals from one Social Services Department in England. The researchers evaluated the processes of change and their impact on professionals and service users.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherSocial Policy Research Unit, University of York
Place of PublicationUniversity of York, York
Publication statusPublished - 2005

Publication series

NameResearch Works


  • ill/disabled adults
  • social care services issues

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