Proceedings of the 'Euroconference on Symmetries Beyond the Standard Model',12. - 17. July 2003, Portoroz, Slovenia: Part 2

B. Bajc, M. Pavsic, G. Mangano, D. Grumiller, W. Kummer, J. T. Liu, M. Maceda, J. Madore, ... (others), Alessandro Torrielli

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapter


Contents of Part 2: 11. Supersymmetric Grandunification and Fermion Masses (B. Bajc) 12. General Principles of Brane Kinematics and Dynamics (M. Pavsic) 13. Cosmological Neutrinos (G. Mangano) 14. The Problem of Mass (C.D. Froggatt) 15. How to Approach Quantum Gravity ... (D. Grumiller and W. Kummer) 16. Hidden Spacetime Symmetries and Generalized Holonomy in M-theory (M.J. Duff and J.T. Liu) 17. On the Resolution of Space-Time Singularities II (M. Maceda and J. Madore) 18. The Multiple Point Principle (D.L. Bennett and H.B. Nielsen) 19. Dynamics of Glue-Balls in N = 1 SYM Theory (L. Bergamin) 20. Quantization of Systems with Continuous Symmetries ... (M.V. Chichikina) 21. Singular Compactifications and Cosmology (L. Jaerv, T. Mohaupt and F. Saueressig) 22. Fundamental Physics and Lorentz Violation (R. Lehnert) 23. Functional Approach to Squeezed States ...(L. Musongela) 24. Constraining the Curvaton Scenario (M. Postma) 25. D-Branes and Unitarity of Noncommutative Field Theories (A. Torrielli) 26. Spinorial Cohomology and Supersymmetry (D. Tsimpis) (Contents of Part 1: 1. Status of the Standard Model(P.H. Frampton), 2. Cosmological Constraints from MBA and Polarization (A. Melchiorri), 3. AdS/CFT Correspondence and Unification at About 4 TeV (P.H. Frampton), 4. New Solutions in String Field Theory (L. Bonora), 5. The Approach Unifying Spins and Charges (A. Borstnik Bracic and N. Mankoc Borstnik) 6. An Example ... (N. Mankoc Borstnik and H.B. Nielsen) 7. Hierarchy Problem and a New Bound State(C.D. Froggatt and H.B. Nielsen) 8. What Comes Next? (Q. Shafi)9. Loops Versus Strings (E. Alvarez) 10. Fuzzy Two-dimensional Spaces(F. Lizzi))
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationBled Workshops in Physics Vol. 4, No. 2-3, DMFA
Publication statusPublished - 9 Jan 2004
EventEuroconference on Symmetries Beyond the Standard Model - Portoroz, Slovenia
Duration: 12 Jul 200317 Jul 2003


ConferenceEuroconference on Symmetries Beyond the Standard Model

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Contains articles by different authors presented at the EURESCO
organized 'Euroconference on Symmetries Beyond the Standard Model', 12. - 17.
July 2003, Portoroz, Slovenia. Editors were N. Mankoc Borstnik, H. Bech
Nielsen, C.D. Froggatt, D. Lukman. Part 2 of 2 (both parts printed as one
volume). v+136pp


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