Research priorities for homecare for older people: a multi-stakeholder consultation.

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Homecare is generally understood to refer to services that support people to continue living in their own homes. Older people are the primary users and many countries report an increase in the number using homecare services and greater spending on such provision, driven in part by investment in ‘ageing in place’ policies. Despite this, and reflecting social care more generally, homecare is relatively under-researched. However, in the UK at least, there is growing interest and investment in social care research. In order that this investment is not wasted, it is essential that research addresses what stakeholders identify as research priorities. This study reports work undertaken in the UK during 2021/22 to identify research priorities for homecare for older people, and a broad scoping of existing evidence. A two-stage consultation process was used. First, topic areas for research were identified through consultations with stakeholders. Second, a survey ascertained agreement and differences between groups regarding the relative importance of topic areas as research priorities. Over 50
people participated including older people (n = 7), family members (n = 11), homecare workers (n = 16), homecare providers (n = 9) and national policy, evidence and advocacy leads (n = 13). Twenty discrete research topic areas were identified. Only one topic area (Joint working between homecare and health services) was a ‘Top 5’ research priority for all stakeholder groups. Timely engagement with homecare and Workforce: recruitment and retention were ‘Top 5’ priorities for three stakeholder groups. Scoping of existing research indicates that topic areas receiving the most research attention to date are not among those identified as being of high priority for research. To our knowledge, this is the first time research priorities for homecare have been generated. Findings will be of value to research funders, organisations using research evidence and the research community.
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JournalHealth & Social Care in the Community
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Publication statusPublished - 22 Sept 2022

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