Research priorities relating to the delivery of cardiovascular prevention and rehabilitation programmes: results of a modified Delphi process

Sheona McHale, Aynsley Cowie, Sarah Brown, Tom Butler, Kathryn Carver, Hasnain M Dalal, Susan Dawkes, Carolyn Deighan, Patrick Doherty, Jo Evans, Sally Hinton, Jennifer Jones, Joseph Mills, Simon Nichols, Rod S Taylor

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OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this British Association for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation (BACPR) research priority setting project (PSP) was to identify a top 10 list of priority research questions for cardiovascular prevention and rehabilitation (CVPR).

METHODS: The PSP was facilitated by the BACPR clinical study group (CSG), which integrates as part of the British Heart Foundation Clinical Research Collaborative. Following a literature review to identify unanswered research questions, modified Delphi methods were used to engage CVPR-informed expert stakeholders, patients, partners and conference delegates in ranking the relevance of research questions during three rounds of an anonymous e-survey. In the first survey, unanswered questions from the literature review were ranked and respondents proposed additional questions. In the second survey, these new questions were ranked. Prioritised questions from surveys 1 and 2 were incorporated in a third/final e-survey used to identify the top 10 list.

RESULTS: From 459 responses across the global CVPR community, a final top 10 list of questions were distilled from an overall bank of 76 (61 from the current evidence base and a further 15 from respondents). These were grouped across five broad categories: access and remote delivery, exercise and physical activity, optimising programme outcomes, psychosocial health and impact of the pandemic.

CONCLUSIONS: This PSP used a modified Delphi methodology to engage the international CVPR community to generate a top 10 list of research priorities within the field. These prioritised questions will directly inform future national and international CVPR research supported by the BACPR CSG.

Original languageEnglish
Number of pages7
JournalOpen Heart
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 3 Apr 2023

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  • Cardiac Rehabilitation
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  • Cardiovascular Diseases/diagnosis

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