Research Reviews on Prevalence, Detection and Interventions in Parental Mental Health and Child Welfare: Summary report

Research output: Other contribution


The overall objectives of the work were to review and present research evidence to underpin the practice guidelines, to identify gaps in knowledge, and to judge how strong the existing evidence was both in general and specifically in relation to marginalised families and those from black and minority ethnic communities. The reviews asked four questions, and identified and summarised evidence for each separately. The four questions were:

1. What do we know about the numbers and types of parental mental health problems in the UK?

2. What systems, tools and opportunities are there in services for children, adults and families, both the UK and elsewhere, for detecting parental mental health problems? Who uses these, where and how?

3. How accessible and acceptable are services or interventions that support children, families, parenting or couple relationships when a parent has a mental health problem, in both the UK and elsewhere?

4. What outcomes do these types of services or interventions have for parents, children, families, parenting or couple relationships?
Original languageEnglish
PublisherSocial Policy Research Unit, University of York
Place of PublicationUniversity of York, York
ISBN (Print)978-1-871713-84-8
Publication statusPublished - 2008


  • child well-being
  • family
  • ill/disabled adults
  • health services issues
  • social care services issues

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