Running away in Wales: patterns, needs and services

J Wade, F Mitchell, G Rees

Research output: Other contribution


Explores the current extent of services for young runaways in Wales. However, the report goes further than this by being the first to provide reliable evidence on the incidence of running away in Wales and on the circumstances and experiences of young people who run away or are forced to leave their homes before the age of 16.
The research builds upon work previously undertaken by the Children's Society, Aberlour Child care Trust, EXTERN (Northern Ireland) and the University of York. In particular, it draws upon the fieldwork that was undertaken for the first UK-wide study of running away in 1999. Further fieldwork was undertaken for this report in six sample areas in Wales to draw together agency perspectives on the strengths and weaknesses of existing services for young runaways. The presentation of the findings for Wales will be set in the context of existing research knowledge about the phenomenon of running away in Britain.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherSocial Work Research and Development Unit
Number of pages7
Place of PublicationUniversity of York, York
Publication statusPublished - 2002


  • runaways
  • social work issues

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