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  1. 2021
  2. Roman Transport Network Connectivity and Economic Integration

    Flückiger, M., Hornung, E., Larch, M., Ludwig, M. & Mees, A., 10 Jul 2021

    Article in Review of Economic Studies

  3. Economics of healthcare access in low-income and middle-income countries: a protocol for a scoping review of the economic impacts of seeking healthcare on slum-dwellers compared with other city residents

    Teixeira De Siqueira Filha, N., Li, J., Kibuchi, E., Quayyum, Z., Phillips-Howard, P., Awal, A., Mithu, MD. I. H., Mansoor, F., Karuga, R., Saidu, S., Smith, J., Sai, V., Garimella, S., Chumo, I., Mberu, B., Tolhurst, R., Mazumdar, S., Rao, V., Farnaz, N., Alam, W. & 1 others, Elsey, H., 9 Jul 2021

    Article in BMJ Open

  4. Femtosecond, two-dimensional spatial Doppler mapping of ultraintense laser-solid target interaction

    Jana, K., Lad, A. D., West, D., Trickey, W., Underwood, C., Ved, Y. M., Robinson, A. P. L., Pasley, J. R. & Kumar, G. R., 9 Jul 2021

    Article in Physical Review Research