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  1. 2008
  2. Self-Authenticating Quantum Random Number Generator

    Spiller, T. P., 23 Sep 2008, Patent No. 7428562

    Research output: Patent

  3. 2009
  4. Use of Nodes to Monitor or Manage Peer to Peer Networks

    Crouch, S., Daanen, J. M. & Oliver, H. E., 2009, Patent No. US 7,536,471

    Research output: Patent

  5. Obtaining Location Updates about a Mobile Entity for use in a Location-sensitive Application.

    Crouch, S., Hawkes, R. J., Spratt, M. & Wilcock, L., Jan 2009, Patent No. US 7,477,903

    Research output: Patent

  6. Security systems and monitoring methods using quantum states

    Spiller, T. P., 27 Jan 2009, Patent No. 7483142

    Research output: Patent

  7. Process for the Preparation of Network Polymer Compositions

    Moffat, J. R., Seeley, G. J., Smith, D. K. & Burgess, A. N., Feb 2009, IPC No. WO/2009/127845

    Research output: Patent

  8. Providing Location Data about a Mobile Entity

    Crouch, S., McDonnell, J. T. E., Thomas, A., Spratt, M. & Waters, J. D., Mar 2009, Patent No. US 7,512,234

    Research output: Patent

  9. Electrically charged particle energy analysers

    Walker, CGH. & El-Gomati, MM., 1 Apr 2009, Patent No. GB0905711

    Research output: Patent

  10. Methods and Systems for Avoiding Transmission-Channel Disruptions

    Spiller, T. P., 13 May 2009, Patent No. 1943757

    Research output: Patent

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