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  1. Can We Diagnose MDS without Bone Marrow Examination? a Proposed EUMDS-Based Non-Invasive Diagnostic Model

    Oster, H. S., Shrkihe, B. A., Crouch, S., Smith, A., Yu, G., Carmi, G., Ben-Ezra, J., Naor, S., Fenaux, P. & Symeonidis, A., 7 Dec 2017

    Meeting abstract in Blood

  2. Experimental Design for Laser Produced Shocks in Diamond Anvil Cells

    Moon, S., Cauble, R., Collins, G. W., Celliers, P. M., Hicks, D., Da Silva, L. B., Mackinnon, A., Wallace, R., Hammel, B. A., Hsing, W., Koenig, M., Benuzzi-Mounaix, A., Huser, G., Henry, E., Batani, D., Willi, O., Pasley, J. R., Gessner, H., Loubeyre, P., Jeanloz, R. & 5 others, Lee, K. K. M., Benedetti, L. R., Neely, D., Notley, M. & Danson, C., Jun 2001

    Meeting abstract in Bulletin of the American Physical Society

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