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  2. Cardiac rehabilitation

    Lewin, R. J. P., Thompson, D. R. & Taylor, R. S., May 2000

    Letter in European Heart Journal

  3. Cholesterol reduction and stroke.

    Davey Smith, G., Egger, M. & Sheldon, T. A., 1 Jan 1994

    Letter in Annals of Internal Medicine

  4. Closed Timelike Curves via Postselection: Theory and Experimental Test of Consistency

    Lloyd, S., Maccone, L., Garcia-Patron, R., Giovannetti, V., Shikano, Y., Pirandola, S., Rozema, L. A., Darabi, A., Soudagar, Y., Shalm, L. K. & Steinberg, A. M., 27 Jan 2011

    Letter in Physical Review Letters

  5. Comment on "Low-energy F-18(p,alpha)O-15 cross section measurements relevant to nova gamma- ray emission" Reply

    de Sereville, N., Angulo, C., Coc, A., Achouri, N. L., Casarejos, E., Davinson, T., Descouvemont, P., Figuera, P., Fox, S., Hammache, F., Kiener, J., Laird, A., Lefebvre-Schuhl, A., Leleux, P., Mumby-Croft, P., Orr, N. A., Stefan, I., Vaughan, K. & Tatischeff, V., 17 Mar 2010

    Letter in Physical Review C

  6. Communications research (letter).

    Entwistle, V., Watt, I. & Buchan, H., 1995

    Letter in Can Med Assoc J.

  7. Conservation with caveats - Response

    Kremen, C., Cameron, A., Razafimpahanana, A., Moilanen, A., Thomas, C. D., Beentje, H., Dransfield, J., Fisher, B. L., Glaw, F., Good, T. C., Harper, G. J., Hijmans, R. J., Lees, D. C., Louis, E., Nussbaum, R. A., Phillips, S. J., Raxworthy, C. J., Schatz, G. E., Vences, M., Vieites, D. R. & 2 others, Wright, P. C. & Zjhra, M. L., 18 Jul 2008

    Letter in Science

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