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  2. Evaluating HTA principles

    Neumann, P. J., Drummond, M. F., Jonsson, B., Luce, B. R., Schwartz, J. S., Siebert, U. & Sullivan, S. D., Oct 2010

    Letter in International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care

  3. Extinction and climate change

    Thomas, C. D. & Williamson, M., 23 Feb 2012

    Letter in Nature

  4. Extrinsic Spin Hall Effect Induced by Resonant Skew Scattering in Graphene

    Ferreira, A., Rappoport, T. G., Cazalilla, M. A. & Neto, A. H. C., 11 Feb 2014

    Letter in Physical Review Letters


    Smith, C., Frater, A., Abrams, K. & Sheldon, T., 13 Mar 1993

    Letter in Lancet


    THOMAS, CD., 20 Sep 1990

    Letter in Nature

  7. FINE trial for CFS Reply

    Wearden, A. J., Dowrick, C., Chew-Graham, C., Bentall, R. P., Morriss, R. K., Peters, S., Riste, L., Richardson, G., Lovell, K. & Dunn, G., 9 Jun 2010

    Letter in British medical journal

  8. Female-led infanticide in wild chimpanzees

    Townsend, S. W., Slocombe, K. E., Thompson, M. E. & Zuberbuhler, K., 15 May 2007

    Letter in Current Biology

  9. First Spectroscopy of the Near Drip-line Nucleus 40Mg

    Crawford, H. L., Fallon, P., Macchiavelli, A. O., Doornenbal, P., Aoi, N., Browne, F., Campbell, C. M., Cortés, M. L., Cromaz, M., Ideguchi, E., Kanungo, R., Maccormick, M., Momiyama, S., Murray, I., Niikura, M., Paschalis, S., Petri, M., Sakurai, H., Salathe, M., Schrock, P. & 5 others, Steppenbeck, D., Takeuchi, S., Tanaka, Y. K., Taniuchi, R. & Wimmer, K., 8 Feb 2019

    Letter in Physical Review Letters

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