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  2. Fungal infections of skin and nails of feet - Authors of meta-analysis defend their view

    Hart, R., Bell-Syer, S. E. M., Crawford, F., Young, P., Russell, I. & Torgerson, D. J., 16 Oct 1999

    Letter in British medical journal

  3. Guiding the folding pathway of DNA origami

    Dunn, K., Dannenberg, F., Ouldridge, T., Kwiatkowska, M., Turberfield, A. & Bath, J., 3 Sep 2015

    Letter in Nature

  4. Hope for African children with cancer: African pediatric oncology group

    Stefan, D. C., Harford, J., Stones, D., Newton, R. & Rodriguez-Galindo, C., Aug 2012

    Letter in Pediatric blood & cancer

  5. How much at risk are cone snails? Response

    Chivian, E., Roberts, C. M. & Bernstein, A. S., 13 Feb 2004

    Letter in Science

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