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  1. 2009
  2. Letter to the Editor. Editorial: The economical challenge in the treatment of chronic heart failure: is primary prophylactic implantable cardioverter defibrillator therapy cost-effective in Europe?

    of, C. M. R. O. B., Marshall, D., Drummond, M. F., Ferko, N., Maschio, M., Ekman, M., De Roy, L., Heidbuchel, H., Verboven, Y., Braunschweig, F., Linde, C. & Boriani, G., 2009

    Letter in Europace

  3. Reverse Coherent Information

    García-Patrón, R., Pirandola, S., Lloyd, S. & Shapiro, J. H., 2009

    Letter in Physical Review Letters

  4. 2008
  5. Quantum Illumination with Gaussian States

    Tan, S-H., Erkmen, B. I., Giovannetti, V., Guha, S., Lloyd, S., Maccone, L., Pirandola, S. & Shapiro, J. H., 18 Dec 2008

    Letter in Physical Review Letters

  6. Where Species Go, Legal Protections Must Follow Response

    Hoegh-Guldberg, O., Hughes, L., Mcintyre, S., Lindenmayer, D. B., Parmesan, C., Possingham, H. P. & Thomas, C. D., 14 Nov 2008

    Letter in Science

  7. A seasonal switch in compass orientation in a high-flying migrant moth

    Chapman, J. W., Reynolds, D. R., Hill, J. K., Sivell, D., Smith, A. D. & Woiwod, I. P., 14 Oct 2008

    Letter in Current Biology

  8. Conservation with caveats - Response

    Kremen, C., Cameron, A., Razafimpahanana, A., Moilanen, A., Thomas, C. D., Beentje, H., Dransfield, J., Fisher, B. L., Glaw, F., Good, T. C., Harper, G. J., Hijmans, R. J., Lees, D. C., Louis, E., Nussbaum, R. A., Phillips, S. J., Raxworthy, C. J., Schatz, G. E., Vences, M., Vieites, D. R. & 2 othersWright, P. C. & Zjhra, M. L., 18 Jul 2008

    Letter in Science

  9. Eleven golden rules of quantitative RT-PCR

    Udvardi, M. K., Czechowski, T. & Scheible, W-R., Jul 2008

    Letter in The Plant Cell

  10. The role of fisheries-induced evolution

    Browman, H. I., Law, R. & Marshall, C. T., 4 Apr 2008

    Letter in Science

  11. 2007
  12. Revisiting the cost-effectiveness of omalizumab

    Campbell, J. D., Spackman, D. E. & Sullivan, S. D., Dec 2007

    Letter in ALLERGY

  13. Antiplatelet agents for prevention of pre-eclampsia - Reply

    Askie, L., Duley, L., Henderson-Smart, D., Stewart, L. & PARIS Collaboration, 17 Nov 2007

    Letter in Lancet

  14. Re - "Nighttime exposure to electromagnetic fields and childhood leukemia: An extended pooled analysis" - Reply

    Schuz, J., Svendsen, A. L., Linet, M. S., McBride, M. L., Roman, E., Feychting, M., Kheifets, L., Lightfoot, T., Mezei, G., Simpson, J. & Ahlbom, A., 1 Oct 2007

    Letter in American Journal of Epidemiology

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