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  1. 2015
  2. Facing and Overcoming Sensitivity Challenges in Biomolecular NMR Spectroscopy

    Ardenkjaer-Larsen, J. H., Boebinger, G. S., Comment, A., Duckett, S., Edison, A. S., Engelke, F., Griesinger, C., Griffin, R. G., Hilty, C., Maeda, H., Parigi, G., Prisner, T., Ravera, E., Van Bentum, J., Vega, S., Webb, A., Luchinat, C., Schwalbe, H. & Frydman, L., 1 Aug 2015

    Review article in Angewandte Chemie International Edition

  3. Ion target impact energy during Type I edge localized modes in JET ITER-like Wall

    Guillemaut, C., Jardin, A., Horacek, J., Autricque, A., Arnoux, G., Boom, J., Brezinsek, S., Coenen, J. W., De La Luna, E., Devaux, S., Eich, T., Giroud, C., Harting, D., Kirschner, A., Lipschultz, B., Matthews, G. F., Moulton, D., O'Mullane, M. & Stamp, M., 1 Aug 2015

    Article in Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion

  4. Network analysis reveals that bacteria and fungi form modules that correlate independently with soil parameters

    De Menezes, A. B., Prendergast-Miller, M. T., Richardson, A. E., Toscas, P., Farrell, M., Macdonald, L. M., Baker, G., Wark, T. & Thrall, P. H., 1 Aug 2015

    Article in Environmental Microbiology

  5. Nonlinear transfer in heated L-modes approaching the L-H transition threshold in Alcator C-Mod

    Cziegler, I., Tynan, G. R., Diamond, P. H., Hubbard, A. E., Hughes, J. W., Irby, J. & Terry, J. L., 1 Aug 2015

    Article in Nuclear Fusion

  6. Reassess the t test: Interact with all your data via ANOVA

    Brady, S. M., Burow, M., Busch, W., Carlborg, Õ., Denby, K. J., Glazebrook, J., Hamilton, E. S., Harmer, S. L., Haswell, E. S., Maloof, J. N., Springer, N. M. & Kliebenstein, D. J., 1 Aug 2015

    Article in The Plant Cell

  7. Super H-mode: Theoretical prediction and initial observations of a new high performance regime for tokamak operation

    Snyder, P. B., Solomon, W. M., Burrell, K. H., Garofalo, A. M., Grierson, B. A., Groebner, R. J., Leonard, A. W., Nazikian, R., Osborne, T. H., Belli, E. A., Candy, J. & Wilson, H. R., 1 Aug 2015

    Article in Nuclear Fusion

  8. Analysis of rotating collectors from the private region of JET with carbon wall and metallic ITER-like wall

    Beal, J., Widdowson, A., Heinola, K., Baron-Wiechec, A., Gibson, K. J., Coad, J. P., Alves, E., Lipschultz, B., Kirschner, A., Matthews, G. F. & Brezinsek, S., Aug 2015

    Article in Journal of Nuclear Materials

  9. Another brick in the wall: fifth millennium BC earthen-walled architecture on the Channel shores

    Laporte, L., Bizien-Jaglin, C., Wattez, J., Guyodo, J-N., Barreau, J-B., Bernard, Y., Aoustin, D., Guitton, V., Hamon, G., Jallot, L., Lucquin, A. J. A., March, R., Marcoux, N., Mens, E., Soler, L. & Werthe, E., Aug 2015

    Article in Antiquity

  10. Atomic study of Fe3O4/SrTiO3 Interface

    Gilks, D., Kepaptsoglou, D. M., McKenna, K. P., Lari, L., Ramasse, Q. M., Matsuzaki, K., Susaki, T. & Lazarov, V., Aug 2015

    Article in Microscopy and Microanalysis

  11. Dibaryons at COSY

    Bashkanov, M., Clement, H. & T. Skorodko for the WASA-at-COSY Collaboration, S. F. T. WASA-COSY. C., Aug 2015

    Article in Hyperfine Interactions

  12. Fuel retention measurements in Alcator C-Mod using accelerator-based in situ materials surveillance

    Hartwig, Z. S., Barnard, H. S., Sorbom, B. N., Lanza, R. C., Lipschultz, B., Stahle, P. W. & Whyte, D. G., Aug 2015

    Article in Journal of Nuclear Materials

  13. GABAA receptor activity shapes the formation of inhibitory synapses between developing medium spiny neurons

    Arama, J., Abitbol, K., Goffin, D. L., Fuchs, C., Sihra, TS., Thomson, A. M. & Jovanovic, J. N., Aug 2015

    Article in Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience

  14. Runaway beam studies during disruptions at JET-ILW

    Reux, C., Plyusnin, V., Alper, B., Alves, D. T., Bazylev, B., Belonohy, E., Brezinsek, S., Decker, J., Devaux, S., De Vries, P., Fil, A., Gerasimov, S., Lupelli, I., Jachmich, S., Khilkevitch, E. M., Kiptily, V., Koslowski, H. R., Kruezi, U., Lehnen, M., Manzanares, A. & 7 others, Mlynář, J., Nardon, E., Nilsson, E. D., Riccardo, V., Saint-Laurent, F., Shevelev, A. E. & Sozzi, C., Aug 2015

    Article in Journal of Nuclear Materials

  15. STEM and EELS study of the Graphene/Bi2Se3 Interface

    Kepaptsoglou, D. M., Gilks, D., Lari, L., Ramasse, Q. M., Galindo, P. L., Weinert, M., Li, L., Nicotra, G. & Lazarov, V. K., Aug 2015

    Article in Microscopy and Microanalysis

  16. Seocka pećina: an early Mesolithic site in south-eastern Montenegro

    Vander Linden, M., Marriner, G., Orton, D. C., de Vareilles, A., Gazivoda, D. & Mihailović, D., Aug 2015

    Article in Mesolithic Miscellany

  17. The association between somatization and disability in primary care patients

    De Leeuw, G., Gerrits, M. J., Terluin, B., Numans, M. E., van der Feltz-Cornelis, C. M., van der Horst, H., Penninx, B. W. & van Marwijk, H. W. J., Aug 2015

    Article in Journal of Psychosomatic Research

  18. Tungsten transport and sources control in JET ITER-like wall H-mode plasmas

    Fedorczak, N., Monier-Garbet, P., Pütterich, T., Brezinsek, S., Devynck, P., Dumont, R., Goniche, M., Joffrin, E., Lerche, E., Lipschultz, B., De La Luna, E., Maddison, G., Maggi, C., Matthews, G., Nunes, I., Rimini, F., Solano, E. R., Tamain, P., Tsalas, M. & de Vries, P., Aug 2015

    Article in Journal of Nuclear Materials

  19. Alcator C-Mod: Research in support of ITER and steps beyond

    Marmar, E. S., Baek, S. G., Barnard, H., Bonoli, P., Brunner, D., Candy, J., Canik, J., Churchill, R. M., Cziegler, I., Dekow, G., Delgado-Aparicio, L., Diallo, A., Edlund, E., Ennever, P., Faust, I., Fiore, C., Gao, C., Golfinopoulos, T., Greenwald, M., Hartwig, Z. S. & 31 others, Holland, C., Hubbard, A. E., Hughes, J. W., Hutchinson, I. H., Irby, J., Labombard, B., Lin, Y., Lipschultz, B., Loarte, A., Mumgaard, R., Parker, R. R., Porkolab, M., Reinke, M. L., Rice, J. E., Scott, S., Shiraiwa, S., Snyder, P., Sorbom, B., Terry, D., Terry, J. L., Theiler, C., Vieira, R., Walk, J. R., Wallace, G. M., White, A., Whyte, D., Wolfe, S. M., Wright, G. M., Wright, J., Wukitch, S. J. & Xu, P., 30 Jul 2015

    Article in Nuclear Fusion

  20. Internal decay of the (10-) intruder state in Tl 184

    Van Beveren, C., Andreyev, A. N., Barzakh, A. E., Cocolios, T. E., Fedorov, D., Fedosseev, V. N., Ferrer, R., Huyse, M., Köster, U., Lane, J., Liberati, V., Lynch, K. M., Marsh, B. A., Procter, T. J., Radulov, D., Rapisarda, E., Sandhu, K., Seliverstov, M. D., Van Duppen, P., Venhart, M. & 1 others, Veselsky, M., 30 Jul 2015

    Article in Physical Review C

  21. Measurement of Na 23 (α,p) Mg 26 at Energies Relevant to Al 26 Production in Massive Stars

    Tomlinson, J. R., Fallis, J., Laird, A. M., Fox, S. P., Akers, C., Alcorta, M., Bentley, M. A., Christian, G., Davids, B., Davinson, T., Fulton, B. R., Galinski, N., Rojas, A., Ruiz, C., De Séréville, N., Shen, M. & Shotter, A. C., 29 Jul 2015

    Article in Phys. Rev. Lett.

  22. Na 23 (α,p) Mg 26 Reaction Rate at Astrophysically Relevant Energies

    Howard, A. M., Munch, M., Fynbo, H. O. U., Kirsebom, O. S., Laursen, K. L., Diget, C. A. & Hubbard, N. J., 29 Jul 2015

    Article in Phys. Rev. Lett.

  23. Comparison of stimulus-evoked cerebral hemodynamics in the awake mouse and under a novel anesthetic regime

    Sharp, P. S., Shaw, K., Boorman, L. W., Harris, S. S., Kennerley, A. J., Azzouz, M. & Berwick, J., 28 Jul 2015

    Article in Scientific Reports

  24. Determination of tungsten and molybdenum concentrations from an x-ray range spectrum in JET with the ITER-like wall configuration

    Nakano, T., Shumack, A. E., Maggi, C. F., Reinke, M., Lawson, K. D., Coffey, I., Pütterich, T., Brezinsek, S., Lipschultz, B., Matthews, G. F., Chernyshova, M., Jakubowska, K., Scholz, M., Rzadkiewicz, J., Czarski, T., Dominik, W., Kasprowicz, G., Pozniak, K., Zabolotny, W., Zastrow, K. D. & 2 others, Conway, N. J. & Contributors, J., 28 Jul 2015

    Article in Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics

  25. Feedback and therapist effects in the context of treatment outcome and treatment length

    Lutz, W., Rubel, J., Schiefele, A-K., Zimmermann, D., Böhnke, J. R. & Wittmann, W. W., 28 Jul 2015

    Article in Psychotherapy research

  26. Mechanistic Elucidation of the Arylation of Non-Spectator N-Heterocyclic Carbenes at Copper Using a Combined Experimental and Computational Approach

    Williams, T. J., Bray, J. T. W., Lake, B. R. M., Willans, C. E., Rajabi, N. A., Ariafard, A., Manzini, C., Bellina, F., Whitwood, A. C. & Fairlamb, I. J. S., 27 Jul 2015

    Article in Organometallics

  27. Night-time measurements of HOx during the RONOCO project and analysis of the sources of HO2

    Walker, H. M., Stone, D., Ingham, T., Vaughan, S., Cain, M., Jones, R. L., Kennedy, O. J., McLeod, M., Ouyang, B., Pyle, J., Bauguitte, S., Bandy, B., Forster, G., Evans, M. J., Hamilton, J. F., Hopkins, J. R., Lee, J. D., Lewis, A. C., Lidster, R. T., Punjabi, S. & 2 others, Morgan, W. T. & Heard, D. E., 23 Jul 2015

    Article in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics

  28. Describing the precursors to and management of medication nonadherence on acute psychiatric wards

    Richardson, M., Brennan, G., James, K., Lavelle, M., Renwick, L., Stewart, D. & Bowers, L., 22 Jul 2015

    Article in General hospital psychiatry

  29. Interpretation of radiative divertor studies with impurity seeding in type-I ELMy H-mode plasmas in JET-ILW using EDGE2D-EIRENE

    Jaervinen, A. E., Groth, M., Airila, M., Belo, P., Beurskens, M., Brezinsek, S., Clever, M., Corrigan, G., Devaux, S., Drewelow, P., Eich, T., Giroud, C., Harting, D., Huber, A., Jachmich, S., Lawson, K., Lipschultz, B., Maddison, G., Maggi, C., Makkonen, T. & 8 others, Marchetto, C., Marsen, S., Matthews, G. F., Meigs, A. G., Moulton, D., Stamp, M. F., Wiesen, S. & Wischmeier, M., 22 Jul 2015

    Article in Journal of Nuclear Materials

  30. Morphinan biosynthesis in opium poppy requires a P450-oxidoreductase fusion protein

    Winzer, T. H., Kern, M. F., King, A. J., Larson, TR., Teodor, R. I., Donninger, S., Li, Y., Dowle, A., Cartwright, J., Bates, R., David, A., Thomas, J., Walker, C., Bowser, T. & Graham, I. A., 17 Jul 2015

    Article in Science

  31. High-Mobility Sm-Doped Bi<inf>2</inf>Se<inf>3</inf> Ferromagnetic Topological Insulators and Robust Exchange Coupling

    Chen, T., Liu, W., Zheng, F., Gao, M., Pan, X., Van Der Laan, G., Wang, X., Zhang, Q., Song, F., Wang, B., Wang, B., Xu, Y., Wang, G. & Zhang, R., 14 Jul 2015

    Article in Advanced Materials

  32. The diversification of Heliconius butterflies: What have we learned in 150 years?

    Merrill, R. M., Dasmahapatra, K. K., Dell'Aglio, D. D., Hanly, J. J., Huber, B., Jiggins, C. D., Joron, M., Kozak, K. M., Llaurens, V., Martin, S. H., Montgomery, S. H., Morris, J., Nadeau, N. J., Pinharanda, A. L., Rosser, N., Thompson, M. J., Vanjari, S., Wallbank, R. W. R. & Yu, Q., 14 Jul 2015

    Article in Journal of evolutionary biology

  33. Effect of Brassica napus cultivar on cellulosic ethanol yield

    Wood, I. P., Wellner, N., Elliston, A., Wilson, D. R., Bancroft, I. & Waldron, K. W., 11 Jul 2015

    Article in Biotechnology for biofuels

  34. Magnetic patterning: local manipulation of the intergranular exchange coupling via grain boundary engineering

    Huang, K-F., Liao, J-W., Hsieh, C-Y., Wang, L-W., Huang, Y-C., Wen, W-C., Chang, M-T., Lo, S-C., Yuan, J., Lin, H-H. & Lai, C-H., 9 Jul 2015

    Article in Scientific Reports

  35. Policy: Development goals should enable decision-making

    Shepherd, K., Hubbard, D., Fenton, N., Claxton, K., Luedeling, E. & de Leeuw, J., 9 Jul 2015

    Article in Nature

  36. Rethinking the dispersal of Homo sapiens out of Africa

    Groucutt, H., Petraglia, M., Bailey, G., Scerri, E., Parton, A., Clark-Balzan, L., Jennings, R., Lewis, L., Blinkhorn, J., Drake, N., Breeze, P., Boivin, N., Inglis, R. H., DEVÈS, M., Meredith-Williams, M. G., Thomas, M. G. & Scally, A., 9 Jul 2015

    Article in Evolutionary Anthropology

  37. ACTRIS non-methane hydrocarbon intercomparison experiment in Europe to support WMO-GAW and EMEP observation networks

    Hoerger, C. C., Werner, A., Plass-Duelmer, C., Reimann, S., Eckart, E., Steinbrecher, R., Aalto, J., Arduini, J., Bonnaire, N., Cape, J. N., Colomb, A., Connolly, R., Diskova, J., Dumitrean, P., Ehlers, C., Gros, V., Hakola, H., Hill, M., Hopkins, J. R., Jäger, J. & 21 others, Junek, R., Kajos, M. K., Klemp, D., Leuchner, M., Lewis, A. C., Locoge, N., Maione, M., Martin, D., Michl, K., Nemitz, E., O'Doherty, S., Ballesta, P. P., Ruuskanen, T. M., Sauvage, S., Schmidbauer, N., Spain, T. G., Straube, E., Vana, M., Vollmer, M. K., Wegener, R. & Wenger, A., 8 Jul 2015

    Article in Atmospheric Measurement Techniques

  38. Controlling the Electrical Transport Properties of Nanocontacts to Nanowires

    Lord, A. M., Maffeis, T. G., Kryvchenkova, O., Cobley, R. J., Kalna, K., Kepaptsoglou, D. M., Ramasse, Q. M., Walton, A. S., Ward, M. B., Köble, J. & Wilks, S. P., 8 Jul 2015

    Article in Nano Letters

  39. Developed turbulence and nonlinear amplification of magnetic fields in laboratory and astrophysical plasmas

    Meinecke, J., Tzeferacos, P., Bell, A., Bingham, R., Clarke, R., Churazov, E., Crowston, R., Doyle, H., Drake, R. P., Heathcote, R., Koenig, M., Kuramitsu, Y., Kuranz, C., Lee, D., MacDonald, M., Murphy, C., Notley, M., Park, H. S., Pelka, A., Ravasio, A. & 9 others, Reville, B., Sakawa, Y., Wan, W., Woolsey, N., Yurchak, R., Miniati, F., Schekochihin, A., Lamb, D. & Gregori, G., 7 Jul 2015

    Article in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

  40. Atomic-Scale Interfacial Magnetism in Fe/Graphene Heterojunction

    Liu, W. Q., Wang, W. Y., Wang, J. J., Wang, F. Q., Lu, C., Jin, F., Zhang, A., Zhang, Q. M., van der Laan, G., Xu, Y. B., Li, Q. X. & Zhang, R., 6 Jul 2015

    Article in Scientific Reports

  41. Catalytic behaviour in the ring-opening polymerisation of organoaluminiums supported by bulky heteroscorpionate ligands

    Castro-Osma, J. A., Alonso-Moreno, C., Lara-Sánchez, A., Otero, A., Fernández-Baeza, J., Sánchez-Barba, L. F. & Rodríguez, A. M., 2 Jul 2015

    Article in Dalton Transactions

  42. BESS/BOA Patient Care Pathways: Traumatic anterior shoulder instability

    Brownson, P., Donaldson, O., Fox, M., Rees, J. L., Rangan, A., Jaggi, A., Tytherleigh-Strong, G., McBernie, J., Thomas, M. & Kulkarni, R., 1 Jul 2015

    Article in Shoulder and Elbow

  43. Experiments with Distributed Theatre

    Williams, D., Kegel, I., Cesar, P., Jansen, J., Ursu, M. & Geelhoed, E., 1 Jul 2015

    Article in IEEE Multimedia

  44. Flow Cytometry Methods and Approaches

    O'Toole, P. J. (ed.) & Davies, D. (ed.), 1 Jul 2015

    Special issue in Methods

  45. Gridded global surface ozone metrics for atmospheric chemistry model evaluation

    Sofen, E. D., Bowdalo, D., Evans, M. J., Apadula, F., Bonasoni, P., Cupeiro, M., Ellul, R., Galbally, I. E., Girgzdiene, R., Luppo, S., Mimouni, M., Nahas, A. C., Saliba, M. & Tø rseth, K., 1 Jul 2015

    Article in Earth System Science Data Discussions

  46. Investigating Perceived Emotional Correlates of Rhythmic Density in Algorithmic Music Composition

    Williams, D., Kirke, A., Miranda, E., Daly, I., Hallowell, J., Weaver, J., Malik, A., Roesch, E., Hwang, F. & Nasuto, S., 1 Jul 2015

    Article in ACM Transactions on Applied Perception

  47. Navigating the labyrinth: a guide to sequence-based, community ecology of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi

    Hart, M., Aleklett, K., Chagnon, P-L., Egan, C., Ghignone, S., Helgason, T., Lekberg, Y., Öpik, M., Pickles, B. & Waller, L., 1 Jul 2015

    Literature review in New Phytologist

  48. Noiseless Linear Amplifiers in Entanglement-Based Continuous-Variable Quantum Key Distribution

    Zhang, Y-C., Li, Z., Weedbrook, C., Marshall, K., Pirandola, S., Yu, S. & Guo, H., 1 Jul 2015

    Article in Entropy

  49. Quantification of proteins by flow cytometry: quantification of human hepatic transporter P-gp and OATP1B1 using flow cytometry and mass spectrometry

    Hogg, K., Thomas, J., Ashford, D. A., Cartwright, J., Coldwell, R., Weston, D. J., Pillmoor, J., Surry, D. & O'Toole, P. J., 1 Jul 2015

    Article in Methods

  50. Using market data and expert opinion to identify overexploited species in the wild bird trade

    Harris, J. B. C., Green, J. M. H., Prawiradilaga, D. M., Giam, X., Giyanto, Hikmatullah, D., Putra, C. A. & Wilcove, D. S., 1 Jul 2015

    Article in Biological Conservation

  51. Young people's decisions about biologic therapies: who influences them and how?

    Hart, R. I., Foster, H. E., McDonagh, J. E., Thompson, B., Kay, L., Myers, A. & Rapley, T., 1 Jul 2015

    Article in Rheumatology

  52. A multiproxy analysis of sedimentary organic carbon in the Changjiang Estuary and adjacent shelf

    Yao, P., Yu, Z., Bianchi, T. S., Guo, Z., Zhao, M., Knappy, C. S., Keely, B. J., Zhao, B., Zhang, T., Pan, H., Wang, J. & Li, D., Jul 2015

    Article in Journal of Geophysical Research G: Biogeosciences

  53. Identification of a gene controlling variation in the salt tolerance of rapeseed (Brassica napus L.)

    Yong, H-Y., Wang, C., Bancroft, I., Li, F., Wu, X., Kitashiba, H. & Nishio, T., Jul 2015

    Article in Planta

  54. Individual Participant Data (IPD) Meta-analyses of Randomised Controlled Trials: Guidance on Their Use

    Tierney, J. F., Vale, C., Riley, R., Smith, C. T., Stewart, L., Clarke, M. & Rovers, M., Jul 2015

    Article in Plos medicine

  55. Investigating the Generalizability of Economic Evaluations Conducted in Italy: A Critical Review.

    Ruggeri, M., Manca, A., Coretti, S., Codella, P., Iacopino, V., Romano, F., Mascia, D., Orlando, V. & Cicchetti, A., Jul 2015

    Article in Value in Health

  56. Multidisciplinary characterization of the long-bone cortex growth patterns through sheep’s ontogeny

    Cambra-Moo, O., Nacarino-Meneses, C., Díaz-Güemes, I., Enciso, S., García Gil, O., Llorente-Rodriguez, L., Rodríguez Barbero, M. Á., de Aza, A. H. & González Martín, A., Jul 2015


  57. The adult murine heart has a sparse, phagocytically active macrophage population that expands through monocyte recruitment and adopts an 'M2' phenotype in response to Th2 immunologic challenge

    Mylonas, K. J., Jenkins, S. J., Castellan, R. F. P., Ruckerl, D., McGregor, K., Phythian-Adams, A. T., Hewitson, J. P., Campbell, S. M., MacDonald, A. S., Allen, J. E. & Gray, G. A., Jul 2015

    Article in Immunobiology

  58. The effectiveness of protected areas in the conservation of species with changing geographical ranges

    Gillingham, P. K., Bradbury, R. B., Roy, D. B., Anderson, B. J., Baxter, J. M., Bourn, N. A. D., Crick, H. Q. P., Findon, R. A., Fox, R., Franco, A., Hill, J. K., Hodgson, J. A., Holt, A. R., Morecroft, M. D., O'Hanlon, N. J., Oliver, T. H., Pearce-Higgins, J. W., Procter, D. A., Thomas, J. A., Walker, K. J. & 3 others, Walmsley, C. A., Wilson, R. J. & Thomas, C. D., Jul 2015

    Article in Biological Journal of the Linnean Society

  59. The evolution of prolonged life after reproduction

    Croft, D. P., Brent, L. J. N., Franks, D. W. & Cant, M. A., Jul 2015

    Article in Trends in Ecology & Evolution

  60. Interference phenomena in the JP = 1/2 wave in η photoproduction

    Anisovich, A. V., Klempt, E., Krusche, B., Nikonov, V. A., Sarantsev, A. V., Thoma, U. & Werthmüller, D., 30 Jun 2015

    Article in European Physical Journal A

  61. An atypical addition to the chemokine receptor nomenclature: IUPHAR Review 15

    Bachelerie, F., Graham, G. J., Locati, M., Mantovani, A., Murphy, P. M., Nibbs, R., Rot, A., Sozzani, S. & Thelen, M., 26 Jun 2015


  62. Home pesticide exposures and risk of childhood leukemia: Findings from the childhood leukemia international consortium

    Bailey, H. D., Infante-Rivard, C., Metayer, C., Clavel, J., Lightfoot, T., Kaatsch, P., Roman, E., Magnani, C., Spector, L. G., Th Petridou, E., Milne, E., Dockerty, J. D., Miligi, L., Armstrong, B. K., Rudant, J., Fritschi, L., Simpson, J., Zhang, L., Rondelli, R., Baka, M. & 4 others, Orsi, L., Moschovi, M., Kang, A. Y. & Schüz, J., 26 Jun 2015

    Article in International Journal of Cancer

  63. Synthesis of Cyclic Carbonates Catalysed by Aluminium Heteroscorpionate Complexes

    Martínez, J., Castro-Osma, J. A., Earlam, A., Alonso-Moreno, C., Otero, A., Lara-Sánchez, A., North, M. & Rodríguez-Diéguez, A., 26 Jun 2015

    Article in Chemistry : A European Journal (Weinheim an der Bergstrasse, Germany)

  64. Meaningful health outcomes for paediatric neurodisability: Stakeholder prioritisation and appropriateness of patient reported outcome measures

    Morris, C., Jansenns, A., Shilling, V., Allard, A., Fellowes, A., Tomlinson, R., Williamns, J., Thompson Coon, J., Rogers, M., Beresford, B. A., Green, C., Jenkinson, C., Tennant, A. & Logan, S., 25 Jun 2015

    Article in Health and Quality of Life Outcomes

  65. Peroxynitric acid (HO2NO2) measurements during the UBWOS 2013 and 2014 studies using iodide ion chemical ionization mass spectrometry

    Veres, P. R., Roberts, J. M., Wild, R. J., Edwards, P., Brown, S. S., Bates, T. S., Quinn, P. K., Johnson, J. E., Zamora, R. J. & de Gouw, J., 24 Jun 2015

    Article in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics

  66. Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Outcomes after Cardiopulmonary Arrest in Childhood

    Phillips, R. S., Scott, B., Carter, S. J., Taylor, M., Peirce, E., Davies, P. & Maconochie, I. K., 24 Jun 2015

    Article in PLoS ONE

  67. Unbalanced Peptidergic Inhibition in Superficial Neocortex Underlies Spike and Wave Seizure Activity.

    Whittington, M. A., Hall, S., Hunt, M. J., Simon, A., Cunnington, L. G., Carracedo, L. M., Schofield, I. S., Forsyth, R. & Traub, R. D., 24 Jun 2015

    Article in Journal of neuroscience

  68. mVps45 knockdown selectively modulates VAMP expression in 3T3-L1 adipocytes

    Sadler, J. B. A., Roccisana, J., Virolainen, M., Bryant, N. J. & Gould, G. W., 24 Jun 2015

    Article in Communicative & integrative biology

  69. Introduction

    O'Quinn, D. & Russell, G., 23 Jun 2015

    Article in Eighteenth-Century Fiction

  70. Collectivity in the light radon nuclei measured directly via Coulomb excitation

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