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  2. Adolescent self-organization predicts midlife memory in a prospective birth cohort study

    Xu, M. K., Jones, P. B., Barnett, J. H., Gaysina, D., Kuh, D., Croudace, T. J. & Richards, M., Dec 2013

    Article in Psychology and aging

  3. Adolescents as perpetrators of aggression within the family

    Kuay, H. S., Lee, S., Centifanti, L. C. M., Parnis, A. C., Mrozik, J. H. & Tiffin, P. A., 28 Mar 2016

    Article in International Journal of Law and Psychiatry

  4. Adsorption and decomposition of Fe(CO)(5) on Cu(111)

    Sun, L. & McCash, E. M., 22 Feb 1999

    Article in Surface Science

  5. Adsorption-catalytic process for carbon disultide removal from air

    Yegiazarov, Y., Clark, J., Potapova, L., Radkevich, V., Yatsimirsky, V. & Brunel, D., 15 May 2005

    Article in Catalysis Today

  6. Advanced parental age as risk factor for childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia: results from studies of the Childhood Leukemia International Consortium

    Petridou, E. T., Georgakis, M. K., Erdmann, F., Ma, X., Heck, J. E., Auvinen, A., Mueller, B. A., Spector, L. G., Roman, E., Metayer, C., Magnani, C., Pombo-de-Oliveira, M. S., Ezzat, S., Scheurer, M. E., Mora, A. M., Dockerty, J. D., Hansen, J., Kang, A. Y., Wang, R., Doody, D. R. & 6 others, Kane, E., Rashed, W. M., Dessypris, N., Schüz, J., Infante-Rivard, C. & Skalkidou, A., Oct 2018

    Article in European Journal of Epidemiology

  7. Advanced patch-clamp techniques and single-channel analysis

    White, P. J., Biskup, B., Elzenga, J. T. M., Homann, U., Thiel, G., Wissing, F. & Maathuis, F. J. M., Jun 1999

    Article in Journal of Experimental Botany

  8. Advancement of mesenchymal stem cell therapy in solid organ transplantation (MISOT)

    Hoogduijn, M. J., Popp, F. C., Grohnert, A., Crop, M. J., van Rhijn, M., Rowshani, A. T., Eggenhofer, E., Renner, P., Reinders, M. E., Rabelink, T. J., van der Laan, L. J. W., Dor, F. J. M. F., Ijzermans, J. N. M., Genever, P. G., Lange, C., Durrbach, A., Houtgraaf, J. H., Christ, B., Seifert, M., Shagidulin, M. & 11 others, Donckier, V., Deans, R., Ringden, O., Perico, N., Remuzzi, G., Bartholomew, A., Schlitt, H. J., Weimar, W., Baan, C. C., Dahlke, M. H. & MISOT Study Group, 27 Jul 2010

    Article in Transplantation

  9. Advances in 2D semiconductor photonic crystals

    Weisbuch, C., Benisty, H., Rattier, M., Smith, CJM. & Krauss, TF., 15 Jan 2001


  10. Advances in Quantum Teleportation

    Pirandola, S., Eisert, J., Weedbrook, C., Furusawa, A. & Braunstein, S. L., 2015

    Article in Nature photonics

  11. Advances in artificial immune systems

    Hart, E., McEwan, C., Timmis, J. & Hone, A., 2011

    Article in Evolutionary Intelligence

  12. Advances in photonic crystals

    Weisbuch, C., Benisty, H., Olivier, S., Rattier, M., Smith, CJM. & Krauss, TF., 1 Sep 2000

    Article in Physica status solidi (b)

  13. Advances in plant materials, food by-products, and algae conversion into biofuels: Use of environmentally friendly technologies

    Kamani, M. H., Eş, I., Lorenzo, J. M., Remize, F., Roselló-Soto, E., Barba, F. J., Clark, J. & Mousavi Khaneghah, A., 21 Jun 2019

    Article in Green Chemistry

  14. Adverse drug reactions in children--a systematic review

    Smyth, R. M. D., Gargon, E., Kirkham, J., Cresswell, L., Golder, S., Smyth, R. & Williamson, P., 2012

    Article in PLoS ONE

  15. Aerosol and trace-gas measurements in the Darwin area during the wet season

    Allen, G., Vaughan, G., Bower, K. N., Williams, P. I., Crosier, J., Flynn, M., Connolly, P., Hamilton, J. F., Lee, J. D., Saxton, J. E., Watson, N. M., Gallagher, M., Coe, H., Allan, J., Choularton, T. W. & Lewis, A. C., 29 Mar 2008

    Article in Journal of Geophysical Research

  16. Aerosol and trace-gas measurements in the Darwin area during the wet season (vol 113, art no D06306, 2008)

    Allen, G., Vaughan, G., Bower, K. N., Williams, P. I., Crosier, J., Flynn, M., Connolly, P., Hamilton, J. F., Lee, J. D., Saxton, J. E., Watson, N. M., Gallagher, M., Coe, H., Allan, J., Choularton, T. W. & Lewis, A. C., 5 Dec 2008

    Article in Journal of Geophysical Research

  17. Aerosol extinction profiles at 525nm and 1020nm derived from ACE imager data: comparisons with GOMOS, SAGE II, SAGE III, POAM III, and OSIRIS

    Vanhellemont, F., Tetard, C., Bourassa, A., Fromm, M., Dodion, J., Fussen, D., Brogniez, C., Degenstein, D., Gilbert, K. L., Turnbull, D. N., Bernath, P., Boone, C. & Walker, K. A., 2008

    Article in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics

  18. Aerosol mass spectrometer constraint on the global secondary organic aerosol budget

    Spracklen, D. V., Jimenez, J. L., Carslaw, K. S., Worsnop, D. R., Evans, M. J., Mann, G. W., Zhang, Q., Canagaratna, M. R., Allan, J., Coe, H., McFiggans, G., Rap, A. & Forster, P., 1 Jan 2011

    Article in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics

  19. Aerosols and clouds in the upper troposphere-lower stratosphere region detected by GOMOS and ACE: Intercomparison and analysis of the years 2004 and 2005

    Dodion, J., Fussen, D., Vanhellemont, F., Bingen, C., Mateshvili, N., Gilbert, K., Skelton, R., Turnbull, D., McLeod, S. D., Boone, C. D., Walker, K. A. & Bernath, P. F., 17 Nov 2008


  20. Affective brain–computer music interfacing

    Daly, I., Williams, D., Kirke, A., Weaver, J., Malik, A., Hwang, F., Miranda, E. & Nasuto, S. J., 11 Jul 2016

    Article in Journal of Neural Engineering

  21. Affine Quantum Groups

    Delius, G. W., MacKay, N., Missing, F. (ed.), Missing, N. (ed.) & Missing, T. (ed.), 2006

    Article in Encyclopedia of Mathematical Physics

  22. Affinity prediction for substrates of the peptide transporter PepT1

    Bailey, P. D., Boyd, C. A. R., Collier, I. D., George, J. P., Kellett, G. L., Meredith, D., Morgan, K. M., Pettecrew, R. & Price, R. A., 21 Jan 2006

    Article in Chemical Communications

  23. Africa's hotspots of biodiversity redefined

    Mutke, J., Linder, H. P., Beentje, H. J., Van Rompaey, R. S. A. R., Chatelain, C., Sosef, M., Küper, W., Sommer, J. H., Lovett, J. C. & Barthlott, W., Dec 2004

    Article in Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden

  24. African plant diversity and climate change

    McClean, C. J., Hannah, L., Barthlott, W., Termansen, M., Smith, G. F., Tokumine, S., Taplin, J. R. D., Lovett, J. C., Küper, W. & Sommer, J. H., Jul 2005

    Article in Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden

  25. Afromontane foragers in late Pleistocene Lesotho: recent work at Melikane Rockshelter

    Stewart, B. A., Dewar, G. I., Morley, M. W., Inglis, R. H., Wheeler, M., Jacobs, Z. & Roberts, R. G., 23 Aug 2012

    Article in Quaternary International

  26. Age / order of acquisition effects and cumulative learning of foreign words: a word training study

    Izura, C., Pérez, M., Agallou, E., Wright, V., Marín, J., Stadthagen-González, H. & Ellis, A., Jan 2011

    Article in Journal of Memory and Language

  27. Age and impacts of the caldera-forming Aniakchak II eruption in western Alaska

    Blackford, J. J., Payne, R. J., Heggen, M. P., de la Riva Caballero, A. & van der Plicht, J., Jul 2014


  28. Age and palaeoenvironment of the enigmatic Arternian Interglacial - Evidence from the Muschelton at Voigtstedt/Hackelsberg (Thuringia, Central Germany)

    Maul, L. C., Stebich, M., Frenzel, P., Hambach, U., Henkel, T., Katzschmann, L., Kienast, F., Meng, S., Penkman, K., Rolf, C., Thomas, M. & Kahlke, R-D., 5 Sep 2013

    Article in Palaeogeography palaeoclimatology palaeoecology

  29. Age and sex interaction in reported help seeking in response to chest pain

    Adamson, J., Donovan, J., Ben-Shlomo, Y., Chaturvedi, N. & Bowling, A., May 2008

    Article in British Journal of General Practice

  30. Age-dependent penetrance of different germline mutations in the BRCA1 gene

    Al-Mulla, F., Bland, J. M., Serratt, D., Miller, J., Chu, C. & Taylor, G. T., Apr 2009

    Article in Journal of clinical pathology

  31. Age-related changes in working memory and the ability to ignore distraction

    McNab, F., Zeidman, P., Rutledge, R. B., Smittenaar, P., Brown, H. R., Adams, R. A. & Dolan, R. J., 19 May 2015

    Article in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

  32. Ageing of zinc in highly-weathered iron-rich soils

    Donner, E., McLaughlin, M. J., Hodson, M. E., Heemsbergen, D., Warne, M. S. J., Nortcliff, S. & Broos, K., Dec 2012

    Article in Plant and soil

  33. Ageing, skills and participation in work-related training in Britain: assessing the position of older workers

    Canduela, J., Dutton, M., Johnson, S., Lindsay, C. D., McQuaid, R. W. & Raeside, R., 2011, (Accepted/In press)

    Article in Work, Employment and Society

  34. Agenda setting and framing of gender-based violence in Nepal: how it became a health issue

    Colombini, M., Mayhew, S. H., Hawkins, B., Bista, M., Joshi, S. K., Schei, B., Watts, C. & ADVANCE Study Team, May 2016

    Article in Health Policy and Planning

  35. Aggression on inpatient units: Clinical characteristics and consequences

    Renwick, L., Stewart, D., Richardson, M., Lavelle, M., James, K., Hardy, C., Price, O. & Bowers, L., 18 Aug 2016

    Article in International Journal of Mental Health Nursing

  36. Aggressive incidents in first-episode psychosis

    Milton, J., Amin, S., Singh, S. P., Harrison, G., Jones, P., Croudace, T., Medley, I. & Brewin, J., 2001

    Article in British Journal of Psychiatry

  37. Agonist-induced endocytosis of CC chemokine receptor 5 is clathrin dependent

    Signoret, N. Y. M., Hewlett, L., Wavre, S., Pelchen-Matthews, A., Oppermann, M. & Marsh, M., Feb 2005

    Article in Molecular Biology of the Cell

  38. Air pollution dispersion models for human exposure predictions in London

    Beevers, S. D., Kitwiroon, N., Williams, M. L., Kelly, F. J., Ross Anderson, H. & Carslaw, D. C., 2013

    Article in Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology

  39. Airborne observations of IEPOX-derived isoprene SOA in the Amazon during SAMBBA

    Allan, J. D., Morgan, W. T., Darbyshire, E., Flynn, M. J., Williams, P. I., Oram, D. E., Artaxo, P., Brito, J., Lee, J. D. & Coe, H., 29 Oct 2014

    Article in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics

  40. Airborne observations of trace gases over boreal Canada during BORTAS: campaign climatology, airmass analysis and enhancement ratios

    O'Shea, SJ., Allen, G., Gallagher, MW., Bauguitte, SJ-B., Illingworth, SM., Breton, M. L., Muller, JBA., Percival, CJ., Archibald, AT., Oram, DE. & Lewis, A. C., 2013

    Article in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions

  41. Aircraft based four-channel thermal dissociation laser induced fluorescence instrument for simultaneous measurements of NO2, total peroxy nitrate, total alkyl nitrate, and HNO3

    Di Carlo, P., Aruffo, E., Busilacchio, M., Giammaria, F., Dari-Salisburgo, C., Biancofiore, F., Visconti, G., Lee, J., Moller, S., Reeves, C. E., Bauguitte, S., Forster, G., Jones, R. L. & Ouyang, B., 28 Aug 2013

    Article in Atmospheric Measurement Techniques

  42. Aircraft observations of the lower troposphere above a megacity: Alkyl nitrate and ozone chemistry

    Aruffo, E., Di Carlo, P., Dari-Salisburgo, C., Biancofiore, F., Giammaria, F., Busilacchio, M., Lee, J., Moller, S., Hopkins, J. R., Punjabi, S., Bauguitte, S., O'Sullivan, D., Percival, C., Le Breton, M., Muller, J., Jones, R., Forster, G., Reeves, C., Heard, D., Ingham, T. & 2 others, Vaughan, S. & Stone, D., Sep 2014

    Article in Atmospheric Environment

  43. AlGaAs hot-electron optical modulator

    Ryvkin, B. S., Walker, A. C. & Avrutin, E. A., 25 Sep 2000

    Article in Applied Physics Letters

  44. Alberta’s Priority Rural Policy Research Questions

    Hallstrom, L., Finseth, N., Macklin, P., Parkins, J., Mundel, K., Watson, P., Rudd, M., Baugh, D., Gervais, J. & Keay, D., 2014

    Article in Journal of Rural and Community Development

  45. Alcator C-Mod: Research in support of ITER and steps beyond

    Marmar, E. S., Baek, S. G., Barnard, H., Bonoli, P., Brunner, D., Candy, J., Canik, J., Churchill, R. M., Cziegler, I., Dekow, G., Delgado-Aparicio, L., Diallo, A., Edlund, E., Ennever, P., Faust, I., Fiore, C., Gao, C., Golfinopoulos, T., Greenwald, M., Hartwig, Z. S. & 31 others, Holland, C., Hubbard, A. E., Hughes, J. W., Hutchinson, I. H., Irby, J., Labombard, B., Lin, Y., Lipschultz, B., Loarte, A., Mumgaard, R., Parker, R. R., Porkolab, M., Reinke, M. L., Rice, J. E., Scott, S., Shiraiwa, S., Snyder, P., Sorbom, B., Terry, D., Terry, J. L., Theiler, C., Vieira, R., Walk, J. R., Wallace, G. M., White, A., Whyte, D., Wolfe, S. M., Wright, G. M., Wright, J., Wukitch, S. J. & Xu, P., 30 Jul 2015

    Article in Nuclear Fusion

  46. Alcohol Screening and Brief Interventions for Offenders in the Probation Setting (SIPS Trial): a Pragmatic Multicentre Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial

    Newbury-Birch, D., Coulton, S., Bland, M., Cassidy, P., Dale, V., Deluca, P., Gilvarry, E., Godfrey, C., Heather, N., Kaner, E., McGovern, R., Myles, J., Oyefeso, A., Parrott, S., Patton, R., Perryman, K., Phillips, T., Shepherd, J. & Drummond, C., 2014

    Article in Alcohol and alcoholism (Oxford, Oxfordshire)

  47. Alcohol consumption and risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma: a pooled analysis

    Morton, L. M., Zheng, T. Z., Holford, T. R., Holly, E. A., Chiu, B. C. H., Costantini, A. S., Stagnaro, E., Willett, E. V., Dal Maso, L., Serraino, D., Chang, E. T., Cozen, W., Davis, S., Severson, R. K., Bernstein, L., Mayne, S. T., Dee, F. R., Cerhan, J. R., Hartge, P., InterLymph Consortium & 1 others, Kane, E. V., Jul 2005

    Article in Lancet oncology

  48. Alcohol harm reduction: corporate capture of a key concept

    McCambridge, J., Kypri, K., Drummond, C. & Strang, J., 9 Dec 2014

    Article in Plos medicine

  49. Alfalfa nodulation by Sinorhizobium fredii does not require sulfated Nod-factors

    Noreen, S., Schlaman, H. R. M., Bellogin, R. A., Buendia-Claveria, A. M., Espuny, M. R., Harteveld, M., Medina, C., Ollero, F. J., Olsthoorn, M. M. A., Soria-Diaz, M. E., Spaink, H. P., Temprano, F., Thomas-Oates, J., Vinardell, J. M., Yang, S. S., Zhang, H. Y. & Ruiz-Sainz, J. E., 2003


  50. Aligning conservation priorities across taxa in Madagascar with high-resolution planning tools

    Kremen, C., Cameron, A., Moilanen, A., Phillips, S. J., Thomas, C. D., Beentje, H., Dransfield, J., Fisher, B. L., Glaw, F., Good, T. C., Harper, G. J., Hijmans, R. J., Lees, D. C., Louis, E., Nussbaum, R. A., Raxworthy, C. J., Razafimpahanana, A., Schatz, G. E., Vences, M., Vieites, D. R. & 2 others, Wright, P. C. & Zjhra, M. L., 11 Apr 2008

    Article in Science

  51. Alignment of aromatic peptide tubes in strong magnetic fields

    Hill, R. J. A., Sedman, V. L., Allen, S., Williams, P. M., Paoli, M., Adler-Abramovich, L., Gazit, E., Eaves, L. & Tendler, S. J. B., 17 Dec 2007

    Article in Advanced Materials

  52. Alkyl nitrate photochemistry during the tropospheric organic chemistry experiment

    Worton, D. R., Reeves, C. E., Penkett, S. A., Sturges, W. T., Slemr, J., Oram, D. E., Bandy, B. J., Bloss, W. J., Carslaw, N., Davey, J., Emmerson, K. M., Gravestock, T. J., Hamilton, J. F., Heard, D. E., Hopkins, J. R., Hulse, A., Ingram, T., Jacob, M. J., Lee, J. D., Leigh, R. J. & 3 others, Lewis, A. C., Monks, P. S. & Smith, S. C., Feb 2010

    Article in Atmospheric Environment

  53. Alkyl nitrates in outflow from North America over the North Atlantic during Intercontinental Transport of Ozone and Precursors 2004

    Reeves, C. E., Slemr, J., Oram, D. E., Worton, D., Penkett, S. A., Stewart, D. J., Purvis, R., Watson, N., Hopkins, J., Lewis, A., Methven, J., Blake, D. R. & Atlas, E., 26 Apr 2007

    Article in Journal of Geophysical Research

  54. All optical spin-based quantum information processing

    Pazy, E., D'Amico, I., Zanardi, P., Rossi, F., Calarco, T. & Zoller, P., 1 Jan 2003

    Article in Journal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism

  55. All-optical control of microfluidic components using form birefringence

    Neale, SL., Macdonald, MP., Dholakia, K. & Krauss, TF., 1 Jul 2005

    Article in Nature Materials

  56. All-optical magnetization reversal by circularly polarized laser pulses: Experiment and multiscale modelling

    Vahaplar, K., Kalashnikova, A. M., Kimel, A. V., Gerlach, S., Hinzke, D., Nowak, U., Chantrell, R. W., Tsukamoto, A., Itoh, A., Kirilyuk, A. & Rasing, T., 6 Mar 2012

    Article in Physical Review B

  57. Allele-specific knockdown of ALS-associated mutant TDP-43 in neural stem cells derived from induced pluripotent stem cells

    Nishimura, A. L., Shum, C., Scotter, E. L., Abdelgany, A., Sardone, V., Wright, J., Lee, Y., Chen, H-J., Bilican, B., Carrasco, M., Maniatis, T., Chandran, S., Rogelj, B., Gallo, J-M. & Shaw, C. E., 20 Mar 2014

    Article in PLoS ONE

  58. Allergy and risk of childhood leukaemia: Results from the UKCCS

    Hughes, A. M., Lightfoot, T., Simpson, J., Ansell, P., Kinsey, S. E., Eden, T. O. B., Greaves, M., Roman, E., Mitchell, C. D., McKinney, P. A. & United Kingdom Childhood Canc Stu, 15 Aug 2007

    Article in International Journal of Cancer

  59. Allopurinol reduces antigen-specific and polyclonal activation of human T cells

    Pérez-Mazliah, D., Albareda, M. C., Alvarez, M. G., Lococo, B., Bertocchi, G. L., Petti, M., Viotti, R. J. & Laucella, S. A., 2012

    Article in Frontiers in immunology

  60. Allosteric beta-propeller signalling in TolB and its manipulation by translocating colicins

    Bonsor, D. A., Hecht, O., Vankemmelbeke, M., Sharma, A., Krachler, A. M., Housden, N. G., Lilly, K. J., James, R., Moore, G. R. & Kleanthous, C., 16 Sep 2009

    Article in The EMBO journal

  61. Alteration of depleted uranium metal

    Trueman, E. R., Black, S., Read, D. & Hodson, M. E., Sep 2003

    Article in Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta

  62. Altered amygdala connectivity within the social brain in schizophrenia

    Prerona, M., Whalley, H. C., McKirdy, J. W., Sprengelmeyer, R., Young, A. W., McIntosh, A. M., Lawrie, S. M. & Hall, J., 2014

    Article in Schizophrenia bulletin

  63. Altered electrical properties in Drosophila neurons developing without synaptic transmission

    Baines, R. A., Uhler, J. P., Thompson, A., Sweeney, S. T., Bate, M. & Sweeney, S., 2001

    Article in Journal of neuroscience

  64. Altered expression of an RBP-associated arginine methyltransferase 7 in Leishmania major affects parasite infection

    Ferreira, T. R., Ferreira, E. V. C. A., Defina, T. P. A., Walrad, P. B., Papadopoulou, B. & Cruz, A. K., Dec 2014

    Article in Molecular Microbiology

  65. Altering Transplantation Time to Avoid Periods of High Temperature Can Efficiently Reduce Bacterial Wilt Disease Incidence with Tomato

    Wei, Z., Huang, J. F., Hu, J., Gu, Y. A., Yang, C. L., Mei, X. L., Shen, Q. R., Xu, Y. C. & Friman, V. P., 6 Oct 2015

    Article in PLoS ONE

  66. Alternative acetate production pathways in chlamydomonas reinhardtii during dark anoxia and the dominant role of chloroplasts in fermentative acetate production

    Yang, W., Catalanotti, C., D’adamo, S., Wittkopp, T. M., Ingram-Smith, C. J., Mackinder, L., Miller, T. E., Heuberger, A. L., Peers, G., Smith, K. S., Jonikas, M. C., Grossman, A. R. & Posewitz, M. C., 2014

    Article in The Plant Cell

  67. Alternative exon-encoded regions of Drosophila myosin heavy chain modulate ATPase rates and actin sliding velocity

    Swank, D. M., Bartoo, M. L., Knowles, A. F., Iliffe, C., Bernstein, S. I., Molloy, J. E. & Sparrow, J. C., 4 May 2001

    Article in Journal of Biological Chemistry

  68. Alumina-grafted SBA-15 as a high performance support for Pd-catalysed cinnamyl alcohol selective oxidation

    Parlett, C. M. A., Durndell, L. J., Machado, A., Cibin, G., Bruce, D. W., Hondow, N. S., Wilson, K. & Lee, A. F., 15 Jun 2014

    Article in Catalysis Today

  69. Ambient isoprene and monoterpene concentrations in a Greek fir (Abies Borisii-regis) forest. Reconciliation with emissions measurements and effects on measured OH concentrations

    Harrison, D., Hunter, M. C., Lewis, A. C., Seakins, P. W., Bonsang, B., Gros, V., Kanakidou, M., Touaty, M., Kavouras, I., Mihalopoulos, N., Stephanou, E., Alves, C., Nunes, T. & Pio, C., Sep 2001

    Article in Atmospheric Environment

  70. Ambiguities of global civil society

    Amoore, L. & Langley, P., Jan 2004


  71. Amines bearing tertiary substituents by tandem enantioselective carbolithiation-rearrangement of vinylureas

    Tait, M., Donnard, M., Minassi, A., Lefranc, J., Bechi, B., Clayden, J., Carbone, G. & O'Brien, P., 4 Jan 2013

    Article in Organic Letters

  72. Amino acid depletion and appearance during porcine preimplantation embryo development in vitro

    Booth, P. J., Humpherson, P. G., Watson, T. J. & Leese, H. J., Nov 2005

    Article in Reproduction

  73. Aminooxypentane-RANTES induces CCR5 internalization but inhibits recycling: a novel inhibitory mechanism of HIV infectivity

    Mack, M., Luckow, B., Nelson, P. J., Cihak, J., Simmons, G., Clapham, P. R., Signoret, N., Marsh, M., Stangassinger, M., Borlat, F., Wells, T. N., Schlöndorff, D. & Proudfoot, A. E., 20 Apr 1998

    Article in Journal of Experimental Medicine

  74. Ammonia exposure promotes algal biomass in an ombrotrophic peatland

    Payne, R. J., Jassey, V. E. J., Leith, I. D., Sheppard, L. J., Dise, N. B. & Gilbert, D., Feb 2013

    Article in Soil Biology and Biochemistry

  75. Amnesic syndrome in schizophrenia

    McKenna, P. J., Tamlyn, D., Lund, C. E., Mortimer, A. M., Hammond, S. & Baddeley, A., 1990

    Article in Psychological Medicine

  76. Amorphization kinetics of Ni60Nb40 during mechanical alloying

    Schmacher, P., Enayati, M. H. & Cantor, B., 2012, (Accepted/In press)


  77. Amorphous alloys as secondary standards for electron spin polarimetry

    Seddon, E. A., Malins, A. E. R., Petty, M., Crapper, M. D., Wardell, I. R. M., Hide, A. K., Hardiman, M., Xu, Y. B., Hucknall, P., Greig, D., Clowes, S. & McCash, E. M., Apr 1999

    Article in Measurement Science and Technology

  78. Amphiphilic spin probes based on disulfide-bridged bisnitroxides

    Garzelli, R., Khlestkin, V. K., Williams, N. H. & Chechik, V., 6 Oct 2008

    Article in Tetrahedron Letters

  79. Amputations in PAD patients - data from the German Federal Statistical Office

    Gutacker, N., Neumann, A., Santosa, F., Moysidis, T. & Kroeger, K., Feb 2010

    Article in Vascular Medicine

  80. An (R)-Imine Reductase Biocatalyst for the Asymmetric Reduction of Cyclic Imines

    Hussain, S., Leipold, F., Man, H., Wells, E., France, S. P., Mulholland, K. R., Grogan, G. & Turner, N. J., Feb 2015

    Article in ChemCatChem

  81. An Arabidopsis mutant impaired in coenzyme a biosynthesis is sugar dependent for seedling establishment

    Rubio, S., Larson, T. R., Gonzalez-Guzman, M., Alejandro, S., Graham, I. A., Serrano, R. & Rodriguez, P. L., Mar 2006

    Article in Plant Physiology

  82. An Association Transcriptomics approach to the prediction of hybrid performance.

    Stokes, D., Frazer, F., Morgan, C., O'Neill, C. M., Dreos, R., Magusin, A., Szalma, S. & Bancroft, I., Jun 2010

    Article in Molecular Breeding

  83. An Efficient Method for the In Vitro Production of Azol(in)e-Based Cyclic Peptides

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